Mastaangi 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jignesh calls Karan and tells him he has deleted all the videos and formatted Euro’s cell phone. Karan asks him to make sure all the videos are deleted.
Euro tells his friends that his dad is an angry man, if he is home and watches him this way it would be a great problem. He says he isnt just a king but a king maker, and even politicians are afraid to shake hand with him. He comes home and calls his dad sitting on the chair. His dad breaks the glass with the press of his hand.
In the college, Karan and friends played the instrumental. Trumpet stops in between, she says to Karan she has something in mind. Karan asks what? She says she feels that Karan and Ria are going to have a connection or they still have. She recalls all their confrontations. Jignesh says that Euro didn’t do right,

he didn’t even know how to respect girls. Ria and Anaita just arrived. Karan was saying that Euro was their friend.
There, Euro’s father arrive at the college. He is Ishaan Rai Singhania.
Anaita says she has never done this before, and asks if she do it? Ria says she had practiced a lot yesterday, must do it. Anaita forwards her hand to Karan asking friends?
Euro arrives with his dad, the college administration was worried about his arrival.
Karan smiles and says friendship always happens between equals, he takes her hand. Ria was about to leave, Anaita stops her and says since they are BFFe’s Ria has to be friend with Karan. She forces them to shake hands. Ria wonders if Karan is really the one whom being around, her heartbeat gets normal. She takes her hand saying friendships and enemities come natuarally. Karan agrees. They head towards cafeteria. Jignesh and Trumpet stop to pack the instruments.
Euro shows Karan and the girls to his Singhania. They pass him by, Singhania stops Euro and says he has other ways to get them out of college. Singhania comes in the office, he says to administrator whose son is Yuvraj and whose college is this? The administrator says it is his. Singhania asks why his son got beated in the collge. The administrator says he will take strict action against him, but Euro says he will take all his revenges himself.
There, teacher asks the students if they want to perform personally or in team for the 100th anniversary of the college. Jignesh suggests about a kiss performance at which the teacher asks him to concentrate on his studies. Sohani asks Ria to watch Anaita and Karan who are close together. They were talking. Ria doesn’t pay much heed. Anaita asks Karan to perform, he asks now? She says he knows well she is talking about performing music. Karan says music is a personal thing for her, he never perform for others. She asks to play for her. He asks if she has a romantic inclination for him, she says not until now. He says well, he can do anything else for her but not music. She asks him for rain. He thinks for a while, then takes the bottle off her hands and leave.
Karan tells Anaita to close her eyes, he inserts a tablet in coke that causes that rain. Ria gets angry saying stupid Karan. Anaita comes to make her up saying he did this for her. Ria goes to clean her dress up, annoyed. She hits Singhania in the corridor, the teachers behind scolds her for hitting him.
Karan asks Anaita for her BFFe. Anaita watches Ria who just came there. Ria tells them she hit that man pointing at Sighania. Karan says he is Euro’s dad, an industrialist, he has heard that he created this whole empire in only twenty two years. Ria watches Singhania get into the car and has flashbacks from his past.

PRECAP: Singhania warns someone that he will move the foundations of Mumbai. There, Anaita asks Ria about her valentines gift. Ria says everyone’s gift is ready. Karan says he doesn’t need any gift from anyone, specially this Ria.

Update Credit to: Sona

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