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Ria comes home and hugs Anaita and asks of what she is doing. Anaita says that she is trying to fix broken pieces. Ria thanks her and Anaita says that she is not that bad and is even happy with the friends status. Ria says that I am very lucky that I have a friend like you and I am very proud of you. Anaita says that don’t be so proud of me and Ria says why. I know Anaita that what you did is never easy for anyone. Anaita says that for your happiness everything is easy for your happiness if I have to look bad in the eyes Karan I will do it happily. Ria is surprised and says that I know that only I can do it not you. Ria says that she doesn’t understand any of it. Anaita says let me explain, to sacrifice your love for someone else is a big thing and I know that if you were in my place you would have

never done this but I did it. Its as if I gave a part of my body to you and now I feel pain, so much pain that I don’t want to live anymore. She further says that Karan is your and yours only and now you don’t need me anymore.
Ria says that what are you talking about as Anaita goes towards the dressing table. She picks up a cutter and says that I don’t want to live anymore. Ria instantly gets up and grabs the cutter and asks her to leave it. Anaita is crying and says that I will never come between you and Karan and asks her to leave the cutter. Anaita sits down and says to Ria that I’ll do as you say and never come between the two of you. Ria shouts and says that I said I’ll talk to Karan and handle all of this. She takes the cutter and Anaita starts crying.
Ria says to Anaita that you know how important you are to me, if you want I’ll never talk to Karan but promise me that you’ll never do something like this again. She tells her to stop and says that if anything every happened than I’ll never forgive myself. She says that I’ll talk to Karan in the morning and Anaita tells her not to say anything to him as she can’t spoil his anymore. Ria agrees and tells her to calm down and says that sit here and I’ll get water for you.
As soon as she leaves Anaita gets up and takes the camera out and has recorded everything making herself look like a victim of Ria. She says that I can’t leave Karan for anything not even you. Ria says that she can’t see any of this and must end this and can’t wait till morning. She calls Karan and he calls her back and their numbers come busy, before Ria could call her Karan gets a video in which Anaita looks like the victim. Karan can’t believe it and says that maybe Anaita was saying the truth.
Ria brings food for Anaita and asks her to eat it and says that don’t frustrate yourself by thinking this much and I’ll talk to Karan. Anaita says that you won’t talk to Karan and I’ll leave the two of you alone. Ria says that you don’t need to do any of this for my happiness and everyone knows that we are just good friends. She says that I’ll handle this and tells her to eat the food. Karan is very angry and is boxing and remembering the video he just saw. He punches the bag saying love my foot.
The next morning Ria is leaving when her mother stops her and asks if everything is Okay. She asks if its something related with Karan Ria says that it’s the projects which are causing the pressure. She says that Anaita is sleeping and you take care of her and leaves. As Ria leaves Anaita says that I know you’ll stop meeting Karan for me but that won’t do it. As after doing that you’ll gain more space in his heart and if I have to keep Karan away from you I must do something else. I’ll grow so much hate in Karan’s heart for you that he’ll be scared to even think about you.
In the college Karan is sitting when Jignesh and Trumpet come to him. Jignesh asks of why is he sitting like this and says that it definitely must be a quarrel with Ria. Trumpet says that the liking is turning into love, Karan doesn’t answer and leaves. Jignesh says forget him and asks Trumpet of what he should eat as he is very hungry.
Sohani comes dressed up like a typical Indian girl and Jignesh is amazed to see her and smiles. She asks Jignesh of how she is looking and he replies saying that you look beautiful. She says that I changed my bag as well because you didn’t the other one. Sohani asks Jignesh if you’ll say yes to me now, Trumpet says that before saying anything look over there. Vanessa also comes dressed up as a typical Indian girl and says Hi to Sohani and Jignesh. Trumpet again explains saying that he means beautiful. Vanessa says that I said Hi to Soahni before you so now I am not one with an attitude. She asks of whom he would chose now. Trumpet whispers something in his ears and Jignesh says both of you. The two of them start beating him up and he runs away.
Ria comes and asks Trumpet where Karan is, He is playing a guitar sitting alone and thinking about who Ria is really. Ria comes with Trumpet and says to Karan that now your mood will cheer up. Ria goes to Karan and says that I called you so many times yesterday but you didn’t answer. Ria says that I have to talk about something every important. Without saying anything Karan shows her the video in which Ria looks like a criminal hurting Anaita. Karan says that if you want I can show it to you again. He says that don’t say that this video is fake. He says that Anaita sent me this video last night. He says that I am shocked as Anaita told me not to trust you but I did. He says that I made a mistake, Ria tries to explain when Karan says that you have disappointed me a lot.
Euro is hearing this conversation as well, Karan says that when I said I like you the other day, I thought about giving these feelings a chance but it was a mistake. Karan says that I didn’t think that behind this innocent face of yours is an manipulative and fake girl. Karan says that you tortured Anaita to stay away from me. I have talked to Anita last night in which Anaita tells Karan not to tell Ria and says that she used a knife and threatened me not to tell you and stay away from you otherwise I don’t know what she’ll do to me. Karan says that not only have you disappointed me but also hurt me as well.
When you were doing this I was thinking of when I’ll meet you and talk to you. He says that saying I like you was a very big thing to me. Ria tells him to calm down and listen to her. He shouts and says that how can I listen to your lie quietly, what you did Anaita I saw it clearly. When I met you before and I got that disgusting feeling from you, that was right. He says that I should have never trusted you.
Karan further says that the act you put to look good in front of everyone, you are nothing like that. He says that I feel like a fool for trusting you and leaves. Turmpet goes after Karan while Ria tries to recall what just happened.

Precap: Ria says to Anaita that why did you something like this you recorded the clip and then sent it to Karan after editing it. Ria says that you could have just said it me as you were my priority. Anaita says that you are no longer my priority Karan is. She sees Karan and starts crying saying that I will never come in between you and Karan. Karan tells Anaita to be not afraid of anyone and says that I hate you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Nw hop ria breaks up wid anu but if she remains as b4 ppl take her fr grantd atleast ppl lyk anu
    I thnk anu dnt knw famous sayg – you reap wat u sow surely her plan will backstab her

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