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Anaita says to Jignesh that she’ll drive and he asks them to stop fighting and she tells him to come out and so he does and as she starts Anaita hits the breaks and says that seatbelts are to wear and Veer says that whatever just go. Euro is looking at the poem and says everything has changed and you were my hero once and today I am ashamed to call you dad. Rajiv wakes up and says that this is not my house. Euro comforts him and says that Veer and I found you and you weren’t well so we brought you here. Rajiv says that I don’t know how to thank you as I thought I weren’t going to survive while Euro says to himself that I am only trying to fix what my dad did. Rajiv asks if he can make a call and Euro gives him the phone. Rajiv calls Bhabi and she asks of where he is, he says that I don’t know

where I am but will come home soon.
Ria comes to the hospital and the ward boy stops her and says that you are the girl on the complaint while she says that she has to meet him. The ward boy says that if I allow you than they would fire me while Ria requests her to let her go as she must meet Karan, he tells her to leave otherwise he would call security. A nurse comes and says that you are Ria my friend told Nitin me about you, Ria apologizes for locking her friend while she tells her to go and meet Karan as she brought a great improvement in him when she came to the hospital. Bhabi is talking to Rajiv and goes outside the room to talk facing the window and Ria comes from behind and heads to the room.
She sits next to Karan and says that you are the best boyfriend as you proved me right, she says that I knew that if you stayed with me there would be an improvement in you. She says that you tell everyone that you can listen to me and feel me and want to be with me as I want to be with you. She asks him to say something and tell her that he felt good when the celebrated their anniversary. Veer and Anaita are coming up and he steps out of her way, Anaita says Good stay out of my way like this and he replies saying that it would be good for you. The head forward and see Bhabi smiling and talking to someone and assume that Ria hasn’t reached here. Anaita says that she will go and meet Karan while Veer stops her and says that you were in jail with Ria as well. Anaita says that why do you find excuses of holding my hand. he lets her hand go and says that my hands got dirty and why do you want to be in the spotlight and I don’t even want to talk to you but, Anaita says that what about but. The agree to let the topic go and figure out where Ria went.
Ria sees Karan move and says that please open your eyes and I am with you and say something at least, he moves and holds her hand and Ria thanks him saying that I know that you can hear me. Bhabi comes and says that how shameless you are while Ria says that look Karan has hold my hand while Bhabi calls her a liar and says that I will call your parents this time as I have had enough of this nonsense. She says that Veer just because of I didn’t put a case on them as you were worried about their future but useless they are as they came back just as they got released. She says that I will talk to the hospital authority and file and FIR and call your parents. Veer asks Bhabi to listen to Ria while she says that you are taing sides with them now as well. She says that do whatever you want and as she drags Ria out of the room Karan holds her hand and everyone stops. Ria sits and kisses Karan on the hand and cheek and thanks him and says that this means the world to me. She says that I was confident that you would improve and I know that you want to get better quickly.
The doctor comes and asks of what is going on, Bhabi apologizes and says that we have disturbed you since we came, Ria apologizes as well and says that you will be happy to find out that Karan is responding as he held my hand. Jignesh and Sohani come as she tells her as well and Ria tells them of what happened. Bhabi says to the doctor that this indeed is a miracle and something like this has never happened in your medical science before and no coma patient recovered this fast before. Sohani says that maybe it was because we tool Karan outside and somewhat Bhabi agrees with them. Ria asks of how long it will take Karan to come out coma it he responds like this and the doctor says that by the care you are giving him he will come out of coma very soon. He says that there are other patients as well and because of your behavior we have got a lot of complaints so take care of that. He takes Bhabi outside to complete some formalities and they all hug each other and everyone roots for Ria. Anaita says to Veer that how do you feel now that you were wrong, Veer says that no matter what I say you have to listen so let it go for today and leaves, Anaita says that he is becoming a hero without talking. Anaita goes to Sohani and Jignesh to leave Ria and Karan alone for a while.
Veer comes to meet Bhabi who is sitting outside and asks of what happned, he says that Karan is like a son to you and you were waiting for this and yet here you are looking sad. Bhabi says that why are you thinking like that I am very happy Veer while he says that maybe I understood wrong but you are not next to Karan didn’t hug Ria but are sitting here alone. Anaita comes with Sohani who says that we should plan a party and she says that you go plan and I’ll go and talk to Bhabi. Veer says to Bhabi that I am younger than you and maybe understand less but I can see that you are hiding something and there is something worrying you. We have found about Rajiv Bhaya as well than what is bothering you, Bhabi says that I have told you that there is nothing than why are you dragging this conversation. Veer says that maybe you feel bad because the girl brought Karan out of coma and you were trying to stop her. Bhabi leaves saying that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone, Veer gets up and Anaita says that what are you trying to do, Veer says that you don’t need to teach me as I know what I am doing. Anaita says that I know that but it is my job to tell you that you are doing something stupid. Veer says that you have great recognition with stupid and stupidity and Anaita asks of what he means and he leaves saying nothing.
Ria says to Karan that you know that today is the best day of my life and it feels that everything would go right and at least there is a start and all the memories are coming back. She reminds him of all the fights their distance and you being jealous of Riki, you winning the trophy my birthday celebration and the most beautiful was when you promised that you will always be two steps behind me. She says that it feels as if all the prayers would be answered.

Precap: Ria tickles Karan and says that what has happened to you today as the other day you weren’t able to control yourself. Anaita stops Veer and says Sorry and he looks at her and says Sorry accepted.

Update Credit to: Sona

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