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Mastaangi 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The court is being prepared for the match and so are the players practicing as well. Ria’s parents come with Riki to the college and meet Mrs.Malhotra (bhabi) and they talk about Karan and Ria. Riki says that the story is something else and it’s time to become the catalyst.
Sohani is looking for her dress in her bag and Jignesh comes out of nowhere and gives her a flower. The flower bends and Jignesh says that bringing it from such a distance made it like this. Sohani says that what am I supposed to do with it and starts to walk away. Jignesh asks her to stop ignoring him as because of her he got so early and went far away in a bus to get the flower. Sohani says that after doing all the effort you finally got your flower. Jignesh agrees and says that when you truly love something the whole universe

comes and joins forces with you. Sohani recognizes the dialogue while he changes the topic saying that when two hearts connect their thoughts are alike. Sohani steps away and he asks her to forgive him and she walks away with the flower saying Okay leaving Jignesh very happy.
The boys basketball team comes to the court with Karan as Captain and Ria comes forward from the girls side. Bhabi is there watching as well as Ria’s parents. Karan gives Ria a thumbs up and she gives him a thumbs down. The trusty Mr.Singhania comes as well and meets the teacher. He says to Anaita well played and she says that this was just practice the game is yet to begin. He wishes good luck to Ria and meets the boys team. He goes to Karan and Karan says that you didn’t wish me good luck and I will win the match and the boxing tournament, I hope Euro is participating. Ria hears him and says to herself that without messing with people this guy can’t live.
Singhania leaves and everyone gets ready for the game, Sohani puts on the flower that Jignesh gave to him, seeing this Jignesh is very happy. Standing in front of Ria Karan kisses the good luck charm that Ria gave to him. The match starts with boys taking the lead. Riki is recording the match and Bhabi is cheering for Karan at the top of her voice. The girl’s team soon comes back with Ria scoring, Riki takes their photo and says that they look good even when angry. The match continues with basket after basket and the score is almost even. Jignesh loses the ball when Sohani drops the flower. He stops playing the game and picks up the flower for her.
Everyone goes to their benches and Mr.Singhania comes from the back and tells to Anaita to continue their play and they will execute the second part of their plan today after the match. Karan comes and shakes Jignesh and tells him to keep his story out of the court and this is about sword of honor. Jignesh tells him to relax as it’s just a game, Karan says that it is but we have to win it at any cost.
The match starts again and Karan scores again, Mr. Singhania talks with the staff and agrees saying that the game has become interesting. He says that I need something to share with and when the match ends I will come up with it. He looks at the court and says that you will suffer now Ria. Anaita scores and levels the match and boys’ team comes back with a lead of one point. Only one minute is left and the captains tell the player of what to do. Anaita goes to score and Karan stops her but commits a foul and the girls get a free throw.
If Anaita scores than the girls team wins as it for two points, Anaita takes the basketball and gives it to Ria and says that it is a chance to prove something. She says that I have done too much wrong and tells her not to get sentimental as they have to win. Anaita says to herself that to take revenge from you I will give you 10 shots if necessary. Ria takes a deep breath………

Precap: The girls decide to have a party at a teammate’s house and Karan is very excited to hear about this and says to Jignesh that I have a plan. Riki asks Ria that he wants to come as well and Ria says that she will try something.

Update Credit to: Sona

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