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Mastaangi 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita tells Ria to go after him, Ria recalls what Karan said to her and smiles and runs out of the class. Karan is leaving the college while Ria looks for him, He sits on his bike and says that its 2 o’clock maybe she is ignoring me. He puts on his helmet while Ria takes the microphone and says I like you, Everyone on the college hears her while she looks for Karan and asks if he can hear her. She looks around for a few minutes but Karan doesn’t come and she puts the microphone down and starts to leave. As she is about to leave she feels something and stops to turn around.
Karan arrives saying Miss much much and walks towards her while everyone else looks very happy and cheers. Karan says that you said it publicly while Ria answers saying that I am not afraid of anyone and I had only one second

to say it, Karan says I like it Miss much much and Ria says thanks Saru, the both of them shake hands while Anaita comes from the back and says to herself that Karan is mine. She says that what did you think Ria, I will quit so easily and give up and back off. Strategy says that to make a big jump you have to take two steps back so you just wait and watch as the game has just started. She leaves after throwing the piece of cloth. On the other hand the Principle comes and asks of what is going on here.
Everyone else runs away and hides behind the pillars as the Principle scolds the two of them. He says to Ria that you are in ideal for the students here, students like you set a benchmark for other students and this is how you will set the mark. I did not hope this from you, today you announced it, and tomorrow it will a lovers kiss and what about the day after that. Karan looks at everyone and smiles as the peak on the two of them being scolded. The Principle asks if there is anyone there while Karan says that there is no one there. The Principle says to Ria that you are a special student and the college has a lot of hopes from you but not ones like these. He says that you are already in the eyes of our trusty and he is counting to grant scholarships as a potential student and I don’t want you two to lose this golden opportunity because of this undisciplined act. Ria apologizes and so does Karan and the Principle leaves.
As the Principle leaves everyone comes back before Ria and Karan could turn around. They start celebrating and Karan looks at her and says to himself that there is something special in you because of which I am standing next to you. Ria says to herself that this step distance will also end and you will stand next to me. She gets a call from Anaita who is sitting at home, Karan asks if their friendship hasn’t ended while Anaita says that it hasn’t and tells him to take care of Ria. Karan gives the phone to Ria who says that rest and I am coming home soon, after the call ends Anaita says that come home soon I am waiting for you for with some special arrangements.
Sohani and Vanessa are walking together and Vanessa says that I am so happy as they look so happy together. Vanessa says that I will find someone as well and the two of them start describing Jignesh again. They stop and starting fighting over him again. Jignesh comes from the back and enjoys the two of them fighting and says that I am very confused on whom to choose so I should listen to my heart as well. He says that Karan’s choice was very obvious but mine is not.
He says that Sohani you are very nice, sweet and beautiful while Vanessa you are very hot and s*xy. He says Sohani you are a little irritating and is that a bag or a well because sometimes a drink comes out of it, sometimes tissue paper and maybe one day a whole man will come out of it. He says that Vanessa you have an attitude in you. He says that I like you both and my dream girl is a little different. Vanessa says that what kind of girl you like. Jignesh says that he wants a traditional girl wearing all the traditional clothes and jewelry. He leaves before Vanessa can say anything and the two of them leave as well.
Ria comes home and hugs her parents and they guess of what has happened today. Her mother guesses boyfriend in the end and her father is shocked. Karan comes home and Bhabi is dancing and says that liking will change soon to love. Karan tells Bhabi to be patient and says that he doesn’t knows what this love feeling is like but this time he is giving it a try. Bhabi asks of when he is calling her home and so does Ria’s mother.
Her mother says that we also want to see the one you have chosen. Ria says that you have already met him before, its Karan. Her mother says that it’s the same boy who came that night. She says yes asks them not to judge him on that night. Her father says that I was impressed by the day I met him when I saw guts in him and truth in his eyes for you. I as angry so couldn’t say anything. He reminds her that when the boys in the party disrespected her Karan protected you and also when a man with a gun came after you.
Her mother says that didn’t Karan came for Anaita that day. Ria agrees with her mom. On the other hand Bhabi says to Karan that Anaita looks like a psycho type to me. Karan says that Anaita pushed Ria otherwise Ria had decided not to say anything for Anaita’s happiness and Ria won’t admit it today. Ria tells her mother that Karan and Anaita are still friends and if I am with Karan that it’s because of Aniata. Bhabi says that Ria always thinks about Anaita’s happiness she is a very different girl, a beauty isn’t she. Karan and Ria both smile thinking about each other.

Precap: Anaita threatens to kill herself and says that I don’t want to come in between you and Karan while Ria tries to stop her. Ria takes the blade away and says that you are very special to me and if you want I won’t come between you and Karan ever. She leaves and Anaita sends the video to Karan making her look like the victim and says that there is a lot left in this game of love. Karan shows Ria the video in which it looks as if Anaita is on her knees with Ria holding the knife and Anaita is begging Ria that she won’t never come in between them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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