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Anaita is walking and says that I can’t stay here it’s very hot here and we haven’t done any murder or theft. She says that we have to get out of here maybe we can bail ourselves and asks Ria if her mother can. Ria realizes that her mother would be very worried and would be calling and if she doesn’t answer than her mother would come to Pune. Anaita tells her to relax and calls the officer but he tells her to stay quiet as he is working. Anaita says that we want to make a request while he talks rudely to her and she says that I am talking nicely to you and I know the law and every single person can make one phone call and neither of us has made on till yet so let us make one. The officer agrees and says that only one of you can talk and that is in front of me.
The policeman gets a call saying

that Rajiv has left Vietnam for about a month but there is no sign of him. He asks when he came to India and the person says that 5 days ago. Veer says that we arrested IRS 5 days ago as well, the officer says that what about the bomb and Veer says that there a lot of questions including this house and a key which has no lock. They hear something fall and Euro says that winds are fast here son things tend to fall and they decide to go and check.
The doctor asks Bhabi about any improvement and she says that there aren’t any. The doctor says that since he went out with that he got better and coma is a stage in which every patient reacts differently and he leaves. Bhabi sits down and thinks if it is possible and says that it can’t be possible as even her shadow is bad.
Anaita gives Ria the phone saying that your mother called 16 times and Ria calls her mother saying that the phone was on silent. Her mother says that you are sounding low and asks if she is Okay. Anaita takes the phone and says that she is okay but only missing you. Her mother decides to come while Anaita says that there is no need for that as she is here. She tells her mother to say goodbye as they have to leave early for college. The say goodbye and Anaita ends the call while Ria says that my mother has found out that I am worried as she can tell by my voice. Anaita says that it’s good that you have a caring family as I don’t even know my family and when I got close to finding Anuska’s mother I ended in another problem. Anaita says that its all Veer’s fault, the officer asks the phone back and the both of them sit down.
Veer and the policeman head up and they open the lock with they key and go further upstairs while Euro wonders why his father placed the key next to the documents. Veer stops and asks Euro if he has any memory related to this place which was related to the poem while Euro says that whenever I got mad as a kid I used to come and hide here and only dad knows that. They go upstairs and find Rajiv tied up there. Veer wakes him while Euro wonders why his dad kidnapped him and Veer asks Euro to bring water. Rajiv asks them not to hurt and they calm him down and decide to take him to the hospital as they can’t take him home yet as Bhabi is already worried
Anaita is sleeping on Ria’s lap and tells her not to disturb but then gets up saying that how can I forget that we are in lockup. Ria says that I haven’t seen Karan in a long time and have thought of how to get out. She says that when the officer will ask about our statement I will say that I forced you to work with me and the officer will release you and you will go to the hospital and inform me about Karan’s update. Anaita says that you love Karan a lot and though we are in jail you are still thinking about him. Jignesh comes and says that Karan is all fine. Sohani says that there is an improvement in Karan’s condition and Ria gets very happy saying that I knew it and asks of why they didn’t tell her before. Sohani says that they went to the hospital but Bhabi refused when they ask her to meet Karan. Ria says that I knew it would work and did a lot of research on it and says that we have to take karan of his favorite spots now or maybe arrange a house party. They all stand quietly and Anaita says that we are in jail because of taking Karan without permission. Ria says that you are not understanding me we have to get out here and Karan needs my help and I am 100% sure that if I go to him he’ll get out of coma. She starts crying and begs to them to do something and Anaita tells her to relax. Anaita says that we have to do something otherwise Ria would go mad.
Bhabi says to Karan that what are you doing as you gave so much hope yesterday but none today. She says that the whole world is waiting for you and what about the dreams your brother and I saw for you. The doctor says that the girl maybe loves the patient too much and maybe of what she did brought improvement in Karan’s life. The doctor says that don’t tell me what to do and if she was better for Karan than wouldn’t you have told me earlier. Veer comes and brings breakfast and asks about Karan and she says that there is no improvement. Veer says that I have good news for you and that is I have found about Rajiv and he will come soon to meet you. Bhabi says that Karan to say something now while Veer tells her to put her trust in god. The doctor says that the improvement Karan showed is back to irregular while Veer says that Karan was with Ria yesterday. Bhabi asks Karan to get up and says that what is going in your mind.
Ria goes to the door and asks the officer to let her go as she has to meet Karan while Anaita tells her to calm down. The officer tells them not to make noise and Anaita says that we are all here and will figure something out. Jignesh asks about the charges on Ria and Anaita and says that my friend’s father is a lawyer and he wanted to find out. The officer says that only one man could get them out and Veer comes. Ria asks him for help and Anaita says to whom are you asking for help while Veer says that you have spent a night in lockup and yet haven’t stopped slogan shouting. Veer asks the police to release and says that this was a trailer and if you still didn’t stop than the picture would be released.
Ria gets out and thanks Veer and says that I don’t know how I will be able to return this favor of yours. Anaita says that you came here to be in your debt and you could have convinced Bhabi to not to arrest us but you didn’t do this. Ria sees the two of them arguing and leaves while Veer asks her to listen and she says that the truth is that you think of yourself as a hero and he tells her to be quiet so that he could talk to Ria and they realize that she isn’t here and the assume that she went to the hospital and they go outside. Jignesh goes to get the car and Veer catches Anatia as she falls and they remember what happened last time. Veer asks her to thank him while she says that you should have learnt to apologize by now as you are the one who trips others. Veer says that he can’t see people falling.
Jignesh comes with the car and Veer finds his bike punctured. Anaita mocks him and says that do you need help as your rusted bike is punctured. Veer says that however it is it’s better than yours as if I take the key out it shuts up while you can never stop talking. Anaita goes to sit in the car and Veer takes her seat in the front and says that sit quickly as it would get Ria in a problem, Anaita says that you think that I would sit in the back.

Precap: Veer says to Bhabi that something is troubling you as now even we know about Rajiv, Bhabi says that there is nothing there than why are extending this conversation. Veer says that something is there you feel bad as you were coming in the way of the girl who got Karan out of coma, Bhabi says that she doesn’t want to talk about anything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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