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Ria tells Karan to behave himself and asks Riki to backup as well, she says that don’t you understand that I don’t want to talk to you and don’t want to see you near me. If I matter a little bit to you than you must respect my decision and stay away from me. She says I am tired of your apologies and asks him to leave, Karan says that if this is what you than I am left with one option. He goes to a tree and says that either you are forgiven for your mistake or punished for them. He starts punching a tree and says that this is my last option, Ria rushes to him and stops him asking him to change himself. She puts a bandage on his fist while Riki watches from a distance. Ria says that you get hurt but someone else feels pain as well.
She says that I don’t want to be the reason for your pain and

why don’t you understand that. Karan says that you are stopping yourself from falling in love and even if god came to tell me that you don’t love me even than I won’t accept it. He says that I didn’t do any of this to hurt and can never see you cry. Ria tells him to leave while Riki wonders why Ria is so concerned about Karan and why is she crying. She is leaving when her parents come with pasta and they sit down again.
Her father asks if someone came as he heard a bike and before Riki can say anything Ria says that no one came. Her father asks her how her preparations are going about the tournament and she says fine while he encourages her to work harder for the scholarship. Riki leaves as he gets a call, her father tells her about the P.L.R sessions and that they will start soon. Ria says that I have to find the answers about our past life and why it all happened. She says that I caused you pain and cracks a glass in her hand and says that now we are even. Karan is driving his bike and remembers what Ria said. He looks at a couple next to him on a bike and thinks of them as him and Ria. On the other hand Ria is eating pasta and Riki notices her not able to eat properly as she is hurt in one hand and wonders what is wrong.
Jignesh plays a guitar and sings and the guys sitting next to him run away. Trumpet comes and tells him to shut and says that don’t ever sing again as it’s too much painful. Jignesh says that no one wants to think about me or pain and everyone is worried about Karan. Trumpet tells him to stop comparing himself with Karan and he says that he will as he is sailing in the same boat as Karan. Trumpet says that Karan’s love is true while you are chasing Vanessa because she is hot. Jignesh says that he has stopped chasing Vanessa because she treats him like a slave and he loves Sohani. Trumpet doesn’t believes him and he vows on her and she says that why do you want to kill me and starts to leave. She comes back and says that decide quickly as a day will come that you won’t be left with Vanessa or Sohani.
The next morning Karan is boxing with frustration, Bhabi comes with breakfast and says with how much dedication you are practicing and asks him to think about his diet as well. He brings a hand forward and Bhabi sees the bruised fist and asks how it happened. Karan makes an excuse saying that it was a broken glass at college. Bhabi tells him to stop training and asks if he is taking some anger out. She asks Karan of how it happened and Riki asks Ria the same thing. Ria says to Riki that a glass broke in her hand. He says that was it a glass or did you punish yourself like Karan did. He says that I know that you don’t hate Karan and care about him a lot. He asks if she is hiding something and Ria tries to change the topic saying that she has practice in college and gets up, Riki asks if she loves him.
Bhabi says that you love her madly and asks him to think that maybe Ria has moved forward and maybe she wants to forget him. She asks him to think sincerely and says that this is not a film. Karan says that this is not true and he is sure that she loves him as well. Riki says that are you doing all of this to tell him that you don’t love him and don’t want to be with him. Karan says that he has made a mistake of letting go of her and knows his mistake. Riki asks Ria of why she is doing this and she says that she doesn’t loves him. Karan says that he has seen love in her eyes for him and she has a stupid fear in herself. Bhabi says that maybe she is right and asks him to think about everything that happened so far.
Karan says that don’t call her bad news as that person gave me the real meaning of life and love. Karan says that I don’t believe that she could harm anyone and that I will prove to you. Bhabi starts crying and he says that because of all this drama I got late for practice. Bhabi says that you must win as you promised me that you will this year. He leaves and tells her to drink the juice.
The teacher informs the students about the tournament and tells them to score the maximum points they can. He says that you can get a foreign scholarship as well and every student will be judged individually. After the announcement Karan comes to Ria and gives her a wrist band and asks if she is ready. Ria says that don’t think I am afraid of you and I will crush you. Karan says that I love you but I have promised my family that I will win sword of honor. Karan says to himself that why do you treat me in such a way can’t you see that it’s hurting me and is a lot more than what I did. Ria says to herself that I know that you want to win the sword of honor and I wish that you play your best. They say game on to each other and turn around.

Precap: Mr.Singhania comes to the college and wishes Aniata good luck and she says that this was just practice. On the other hand Bhabi meets Karan’s parent and talk about Karan and Ria. Karan meets Mr.Singhania and says that I hope I get to see Euro and he is participation as I am going to win the sword of honor.

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