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Ria stops Riki and explains she came there looking for librarian and cheered because everyone did. Veer claps from behind and asks why she was hiding in the college then. Anaita asks Ria to stop lying herself and everyone, they all know how much she cares for Karan. Karan comes to Ria and tells her she believes in past life, but he believes in destiny. Today, only they exist, they met, became friends and then falling in love; they are together. He believes their love life will be successful. Ria asks him to live in present and not in past.
At night, Jignesh comes to Sohani. She insists past is the foundation of future. Jignesh asks her to leave Jigyasa, she would one day leave her. Sohani insists Jigyasa would never leave her. Jignesh wonders when this drama will end.
Anaita meets Veer in the

laundry room. She was hoping to see him, veer asks if she is really fond of saying sorry. Anaita says she never is sorry for anything, she just wanted to appreciate his concern. Veer asks her to be clear and say ‘thank you’. He qualifies whenever she is concerned about Karan he finds the same intensity in her, but she must move on as there is much more in life. Veer opens the washing machine, Anaita steps away from water pipe. The water comes to Veer’s face, Anaita laughs, and leaves winking.
Karan’s brother appreciates his game. He asks if Karan isn’t happy. Karan says he will be happy only when he gets Ria. Ria writes her blog that she was the happiest person for Karan’s victory but she couldn’t show it to him, she can’t express her feelings to Karan. Karan was sure Ria must be very happy, she came there for him only; he know they will soon be together. Ria writes they can’t be together. She has a flashback about her times with Karan, day dreams Karan to be there with her and laughs. Riki watches her and asks what it’s about. She gets on her seat again. Riki informs Ria about his packing, while coming here he expected a lot of change, but never knew she would have fallen in love. It’s really beautiful that she loves Karan, when there are tragedies in life there will be good times too, advicing her to keep smiling.
Veer wonders who was the one who killed Kabir, Anushka or Udita or someone else. He must find it out. He thinks about recalling Karan his past life. He calls Karan who was asleep, and asks him to come to staff terrace. Karan takes a time for forty five minutes. He gets ready, and sits smiling at Ria’s pendant. His brother asks where he is going early morning, Karan says college.
On the terrace, Veer asks Karan how he feels, refreshed or revitalized as if he got a new life. Veer says it was deadly the way Euro was hitting him, thanks to Ria that she came finally. Veer tells Karan he called him here to ask him not to neglect Ria’s thinking, their can be some possibilities of rebirth. Karan asks if a person like Veer, ex-military and a sportsman of 21st generation would trust on such a rubbish. He insists he can’t believe on a stupidity that doesn’t exist. Veer asks what if he begin believing it then, he wants to take him somewhere where he can find out it is possible.
Ria gets nightmare about being bribed by Singhnia but his face wasn’t visible. She gets up thinking about an appointment with doctor as soon as possible.
Veer tells Karan that qualities of a good sportsmen is to be patient and tackle the situations he come across with. Karan agrees to go with him, only upon his insistence.

PRECAP: Karan’s brother calls Ria asking about Karan. Everyone looked for Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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