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Mastaangi 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A guy puts a tracker on Euro’s bike and calls the police officer who tells him to follow Euro. Ria says to Karan that I know that I am not bad luck for you and to bring life back in you I will do everything. She imagines Karan dancing with her but then wakes up and goes near Karan and tries to make him stand. She shakes Karan and asks him to respond and get up while his foot moves and Ria catches her. Bhabi comes with the police and says that he is not a toy but in coma and you are playing with him. She looks at everyone and says that you are a part of this nonsense disgusting you are. Anaita says that Ria is not a villain and all she wants is Karan to get better. Bhabi tells all of them to shut up and says that is he like a toy in your stupid party and tells the inspector to arrest them.

asks of why they are being arrested and Veer says that because you did exactly of what I told you not to and that trespassing hospital rules despite that I warned you. Ria says that you know we did this for the betterment of Karan. Bhabi yells at Ria and says that you kidnapped Karan and are celebrating a party here. Anaita says that you can’t arrest us like that as we did all of this for Karan’s betterment. Bhabi says that you are responsible for this more than Ria as you kept me busy in the hospital locked that nurse and brought Karan here. Ria says that it’s not Anaita’s fault and everyone told her not to do anything but she didn’t listen. Bhabi tells her to shut up and tells her to go, Veer says that there is no use of arguing and I gave you a warning but you did exactly what I told you not to, Anatia comes forward and he tells her to stay quiet and says that you wanted to be a heroin in others love story so now suffer. Sohani begs Bhabi not to get them arrested while Bhabi says that she warned Ria, Ria apologizes to Anaita and she says that BFF are meant to be this way. Ria asks Bhabi to let her talk to Karan once while Bhabi denies her and as she yells Karan’s eyes almost open.
Euro comes the house and finds it to be his old house and looks around and sees a locked cupboard in his room. He wonders if it is the same location his father sent in the video and says that something must be here. The person following him informs the officer about Euro’s location who says that keep an eye on him I will come with Veer. The doctor checks Karan and Bhabi says that I know that his condition will get worse while the doctor says that there are signs of movement in his body and he is regulating better. Veer says that Karan is here and now nothing will happen to him. Bhabi says that we brought Karan but I can’t find anything about his brother and no one is in contact with him at the company and asks Veer about him. Veer gets a text from the officer and says to Bhabi that we might find something about Rajive very soon and leaves saying take care of Karan and yourself.
The doctor gives Karan an injection and Karan shows a reaction and Bhabi says that Karan if you can hear me just give me on sign please and Karan lifts his finger. Ria and Anaita are sitting in jail and Ria says that it all feels strange and I can’t believe that all of us here. Anaita says that what are you thinking now Ria says that today all her efforts went down the drain. She says that I thought that Karan would talk to me or show slight movement but nothing happened like that. Anatia says that if we are here than it is because of Veer, Ria says that why are you getting mad at him he only did what Bhabi told him to, Anaita says that once I get out I will hold him by the color and ask of who he thinks of himself and won’t wait for an answer as I know that he thinks of himself as smart and says that I will sue him.
Euro says that dad what do you want me do and Veer comes with the police officer and asks Euro of what was in the chip and Euro tells everything truly. Veer says that there is something here and starts looking around as well. He goes to the locked cupboard and manages to open it but finds nothing but old account files inside. Euro says that Dad sent me here for no reason while Veer says that Zubiar made that video and sent you here for a reason. Veer asks Euro if there was anything else in that video and Euro says that he mentioned something about a gift. Veer tries to connect all these things.
The doctor tells Bhabi that if there is any movement than inform me, I have given the patient medicine which will definitely get him better. Bhabi sits next to Karan and says that your brother is still to be found. I have informed the police and Veer is helping us and I hope that your brother comes back soon. Sohani and Jignesh comes and the two of them apologize, Bhabi says that what you did wasn’t enough that you came back here again. The two of them say that we came to meet Karan and ask Bhabi to release Ria and Anaita. Bhabi says that my answer to all your requests is no and tells all of them to leave. Sohani says to Jignesh that lets go talk to Veer he’ll do something for us and Jignesh asks where Veer is and they leave.
The policeman says that we should call a search party and though Veer agrees he says that the clue is here. He looks at the photo hanging on the wall and asks Euro. Euro takes it off and says that I wrote it when I was a child and the poem said my dad is my biggest gift. Veer says that your father said that your gift is waiting and takes the photo off and tears the back of the frame. Inside he finds a passport and a new identity for Euro. Euro says that his father thought that maybe I wouldn’t want to be called the son of a terrorist so he did all of this. The policeman says that he transferred 10 million to your account. Veer says that he did all of this but we can’t let you do it as it’s illegal. Euro says that none of this can get him a new family and he will be called a terrorist no matter what. Veer thanks Euro for the corporation when suddenly a key drops and they wonder what it is for. The policeman says that maybe it is for the cupboard, Veer says that if the documents weren’t in that cupboard than why would he place the key here. Veer says that Key is for something else lets find out.

Precap: They enter the bathroom and find Rajiv tied up and Veer tries to wake him up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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