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Mastaangi 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sohani asks Ria if Anaita is coming as well as the girls are ready for the match and Anaita comes as well and Ria tells her to play forward. Meanwhile Karan puts glue on Riki’s chair and joins his teammates. Riki is about to sit down when Ria calls him to take their photos. The match starts and the boys take the lead with Riki cheering the girls and is seated on his chair. Ria takes a shot and scores and the match ends with the girls winning. She goes and hugs Riki and sits on the chair which Karan glued. She gets up and her short is torn.
All the girls come running to her and Karan comes to apologize as well. He asks Sohani as she always has something in her bag, while Sohani says that you guys always taunt me so I didn’t bring anything today. Ria tells him to shut up, Anaita steps forward and

tells all of the boys to look away and ties a piece of cloth against her waist and takes her away. After they leave Jignesh says to Karan that not only did you ruin something with Ria but also gave Anaita some credits by helping her. Karan says that what will happen to me now.
In the locker room Ria thanks Anaita and she says that I didn’t do any of this to please and thank you. Ria and Anaita remember some moments in which they helped each other. Anaita says that I destroyed everything and leaves while Ria says that you are learning that what you did was wrong and that is good. Outside everyone comes and Anaita says to him that next time think before you act. Karan apologizes to her while Ria says that how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from me. Karan says that I apologize to for the rest of my life but won’t go away.
Riki steps in and says that’s enough and if she tells you to stay away than stay away. Karan says that this is between me and her than why are you coming in between us. Riki says that whenever you’ll worry I will come in between, Ria asks Riki to leave and ignore him. Everyone comes to Karan and asks him to find another girl.
Anaita is talking with Singhania and gives him the update and says that Ria and I are now on talking term and I have won her trust so much that she will accept me as her friend now. She asks Singhania of what the plan is and he says that I will tell you in time.
Ria comes home and sits with her parents, her father asks of how their day was and Ria says that she doesn’t wants to talk about. Her mother asks if everything is Okay, Riki says that there is a guy who is annoying her and today he glued her chair. Her father asks the name and Riki says that it’s a guy named Karan. Her father is about to say something when Ria leaves and says that I have some college project and asks Riki to assist him.
Karan is looking at Sohani and Trumpet who are dressed up and says that it’s not looking nice and ask them to change. Jignesh says that they look fine and while Karan whispers him and says that Ria’s legs are a little different. Sohani comes up dressed and Karan says that it’s perfect. Jignesh goes to her and says that you look great, Sohani replies and says thanks brother. Everyone laughs and Karan give gifts to all the girls while Trumpet says that gift me a leather jacket rather than this, Karan mocks her and says that become a little helpful first. Vanessa says that I hope this works as we all know what happened with your last effort in the morning.
Jignesh says to Karan that there is Riki in between you two as well and Ria just might go away from you. Karan tells everyone to relax and says that I am also a believer in destiny and will make Ria mine. They all give each other a hug.
Ria is walking the garden thinking of what Riki said about Karan and apologizes in her heart for how she made him look towards Ria. Riki comes with coffee and asks her to sit. He says that I thought this guy a nice person and just a harmless stalker, but what he did makes him a total freak but I will take care of him. Karan comes to the place on his bike and waves to Ria.
He gets off the bike and comes forward but stops and draws a line with his foot on the ground according to the deal. He holds the bag up and says that this is for you. Riki comes forward and says that it looks like you forgot what I told you yesterday, Karan asks him to move aside as he needs to talk to her. A brawl betwenn them is about to start when Ria yells Karan name and they stop.

Precap: Ria is going and Riki asks if she loves him, on the other hanf Bhabi says to Karan that maybe Ria has moved forward. Riki asks Ria if she is doing all of this to tell Karan that she doesn’t loves him. Karan says that I know that Ria loves me a lot while Ria tells Riki that I don’t love him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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