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The bell for the first round of match rings. Karan and Euro moves towards each other, Karan defends himself then recalls his promise to Ria and holds his hand back. Euro beats him hard and takes lead in first round. Veer comes into the ring supporting the injured Karan. They give him with first aid. Anaita requests Riki to try Ria again, Riki was hopeless as both were stubborn equally. Everyone suspected why Karan was only at a defending position. The bell for second round rings. Euro beats Karan holding him by neck, Veer shouts foul but the referee had been bribed. Karan fell down thinking about Ria. Veer comes to save Karan from Euro’s attack, referee holds Euro behind while Veer provides first aid to Karan. The crowd cheers for Euro. The referee asks Karan if he wants to give up, he says no. Veeer asks

Karan to stop being stubborn, and fight as Ria won’t come. Karan assures she would come. Anaita calls Karan what this stupidity is, she won’t come; atleast he must give it a best shot. Karan was sure Ria would come for sure.
Veer calls Ria, he says he knows she loves Karan and considers herself bad luck and keep herself away from Karan. But sacrifice isn’t always enough, sometimes being with your love and become their strength is the real sacrifice. She must also hear to her heart as Karan is doing.
The bell for third round rings. Euro beats Karan badly, knocking him with his elbow. Everyone was upset as he lay conscious in the ring, referee begins the countdown. Everyone shouts for Karan to get up. Everyone had given up hope when Ria enters. Ria’s mother shouts her name cheerfully, Ria comes towards the ring watching Karan fainted. She shouts at Karan to get up, he opens his eyes to see her cheering him. Ria shouts he has to do it, fight for it. Everyone cheer Karan. Veer tells Ria to go for it, only she can help Karan. Karan comes to conscious. Karan gathers all his energy to stand up again. Euro attacks Karan front behind, he defends himself well and makes a comeback, punching Euro this time. Singhania stands up on his chair as Euro fell on the floor. The referee begin the count down. Euro doesn’t get up, everyone cheers for Karan.
Singhania comes to wake Euro up, he moves a bit only. Karan advices Mr. Singhania to take a game as game, not a sourse of somebody’s death. Singhania leaves the ring.
Veer tells Ria this is what he needed to tell her, being around your love is sometimes his biggest strength. Sometimes showing love is really important. Karan stood victorious in the ring, celebration and award ceremony begin. Veer comes to hug Karan being proud of him. Karan smiles with his medal pointing towards Ria.

PRECAP: Karan gets Veer’s call for something important. On the terrace, Veer asks if he would sacrifice his love just for not having a belief on rebirth story. Karan says he wants to

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