Mastaangi 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Euro tells his men that their plan is on. Anaita and Ria comes in same dress to the party, the boys wonder what they will do now. Euro says he will find her, today’s target is Anaita. Anaita and Ria select the mask and goes inside. Euro says he never forget anything.
Ria and Karan hit each other, Ria’s wonders why her heartbeat got normal at once. There Euro and his men followed the girls. Euro says shs is the one on the back, and puts a yellow sticker on her dress. He says it is time for some sweet revenge.
Anaita and Ria come to party, Karan also comes in and wears his mask. Anaita says this isn’t bad. They dance together. Karan asks Trumpet who these girls are, Trumpet says none of her competition. Euro thinks that once she gulps this drink, then he will teach her what is the result

of revenging Euro. He calls a waiter, bribes him and sends a drink for her. Ria hits the waiter and the glass fell off. Trumpet thinks she won’t be able to stay safe for longer. There is an announcement about a dance competition. Euro gets another drink. He comes to Ria, but Karan takes her first. Euro hides himself and asks to dance with the real Anaita. Euro keeps an eye on Ria. They clear the first round, the second round starts. Euro thinks that right now she is dancing on music, once he gives her drugs and makes an mms, then she will dance on his instructions. Jignesh tells Sohani it was he dancing with her, Sohani beats him and leaves the competition. The third round begins. Ria and Karan dance with each other, Anaita wonders whom is Euro staring at. She press his foot with her heels and leave him. Ria and Karan are the winning couple and their dance begins. Ria thinks who is he, her heartbeat is again normal being with him. Karan looks at her eyes, Ria gets into the flashback and wonders if this boy is associated with her dream. Her hand touches Karan’s chest again, he recalls the push and the pain. He thinks he is again getting uncomfortable, just like Ria. Ria wonders who that boy was, for whom she dreamt of. Ria’s friends come to hug her, Anaita congratulates her. Sohani says the boy was really hot, but Ria was lost. She takes a moment from them and comes looking around for that boy. A waiter comes to her with a drink that Euro had sent. She engulps the drink, Euro who still recalled his encounter with Anaita stood curtly. Ria feels dizzy at once, her vision blurring and the glass of drink fell off her hand. Ria wonders what is happening with her, Euro watches her and thinks she will now know what is it about messing with Euro. He says phase three begins, Ria faints over Euro’s chest.
Jignesh comes to flirt with Anaita, Anaita recognizes him all at once and reminds him his bullying. He runs away at once.
Euro’s men gets her to a store room.
There Anaita looks for Ria and asks a man for that too.
Karan, Jignesh and Trumpet sat on the balcony. Jignesh says that only because of Karan he has started to ignore Sohani. He was upset that Sohani doesn’t want to talk to him even. Karan was lost. Trumpet asks what has happened to him. karan says again that discomfort, his dance partner touched him and it felt as if someone is around to hurt him. Anaita comes there and asks where she is. Karan asks who the hell is she. Anaita takes her mask off, she asks where is Ria.
There Euro headed towards Ria on the bench, and says now she would know that she shouldn’t have messed with Euro.

PRECAP: Anaita asks Karan what he has done to her, he says he isn’t that free even. Euro says this clip will act as her remote control and she will now do what he would ask her to. Karan comes there, he says to Euro that he had forbidden him Both Karan and Euro have a fight, Ria at once shouts Stop it Kabir! Karan stops at once recognizing the name. Anaita wonders why she called him Kabir and even he responded.

Update Credit to: Sona

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