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Mastaangi 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan holds Ria’s gifted pendant. Ria writes an email wishing this hadn’t happened with her and her love story could be a perfect one. She thinks about time with Karan envision dancing with him. Ria wish she and Karan could be together.
Anaita’s words echo in Veer’s mind, wondering about something wrong. He thinks about preventing Karan from taking part in the match as Euro and Singhania are bad people. Singhania bribes the referee, Euro counts the last few hours of Karan’s life.
The next morning, Karan and Euro get ready for match. Sohani was worried about Karan, she notices Jignesh hands to be really soft. A group of boys cheering Euro, both groups hoot against rivals.
Veer comes to Karan and gives him punching gloves, he passes them as legacy. He says he won’t give them today, because today he is going for a suicide. Euro thinks about his vows against Karan as he works out the last minute. Veer scolds Karan that if he won’t defend himself, what’s the need of fighting. Karan had faith in his love. Veer thinks his father wrote in his letter about Kabir as an honest and loving person, Karan is same. Karan is Kabir’s rebirth avatar, fate is with him this time.
Riki comes to Ria asking if she would come to Karan’s boxing match. She didn’t respond, he leaves giving up.
Singhania and other judges take seats on stage. Euro enters the ring followed by announcement for Karan’s entry. He comes in cheers of crowd to confront Euro. Referee blow the whistle, Karan and Euro move towards their points. Veer comes to Karan, putting a mouth protection in his mouth while bucking him up.
Ria’s mother come to inform her she is leaving as the match is about to begin. Ria thinks she can’t tell anyone how much she is hurt herself, but she is helpless.

PRECAP: Karan gets beaten up by Euro. Veer calls Ria telling him love is being with someone when he needs you the most. Karan fell on the fell down unconscious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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