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Karan says that I’ll say this to her and Ria asks if he would say it now and he says yes. They all go to Anaita to who is sitting on a bench reading. Karan says that I have to talk to you and goes to her. He sits down and says that I like you and see nothing missing in you and definitely don’t look like a vamp. Do you know why I am saying this, because Ria wants me to say. She wants the two of us to stay together but not me. He says that it’s the same Ria about whom you always said bad things but she will do anything for your happiness. But you never noticed any of it, Ria is the girl who has always said positive things about you, Ria asks her to not say this while he shouts why should not I say this.
He says that what are you made up of? Don’t you have feelings of your own, don’t you want

to be happy yourself than why this sacrifice. Have you ever questioned what you want, Ria says I want nothing, I am happy. Karan says you are happy and goes to Anaita and says this is your BFF isn’t she then should you have thought about this. Karan says that today he’ll talk about himself today, his life priority is himself and nothing else. He says that the day you gave me your proposal I said yes so that you won’t feel ashamed. He says that I also told you that we’ll give it a shot.
Karan says that like always I will say what I have in my heart, there is nothing between the two of us. He says that I am going to say something else as well whether somebody likes it or not and that is I like Ria. He walks to her and says I like you while everyone else standing back smiles. Ria is confused and is about to leave when Karan holds her hand and says that you won’t go anywhere today. You must listen to me today, though I don’t believe in love but I really like. I don’t know the signs of love but if it’s a disease in me then and I get to know the symptoms I will tell you. I don’t know what you feel about me but for me this problem started a long time ago, when you confronted me for Anaita.
He says that I am sure an so is everyone else as we know the qualities in you but you don’t. You did everything to bring Anaita close to me but it was you whose image kept increasing my eyes, because of these qualities of yours I came close to you. He says to Anaita that how strange it is that Ria did all of this to bring the two of us together but you brought Ria to me. Karan says that I can keep on saying but list won’t end. All those signals which I never understood before today. The lucky charm you gave me saved my life. He says that if I should try a relationship with someone than it’s you.
He says that I said whatever I wanted to say and if you feel the same then tell me about it but before the college ends. He goes to Trumpet and Jignesh and says that thing is I never got stuck in this liking an uncomfortable relationship status and I want to get out of this soon. He says that tell me soon of what you feel so that I can know that I passed or failed and I can’t stay emotional long and don’t want to carry this burden. So you have to think about till 2 pm and your time starts now and leaves. Anaita is frustrated and leaves as well.
Bhabi is very Happy as she talks with Trumpet on the phone and says my wish came true. She says that I and Ricky were waiting for so long that he finds a nice girl and his life gets settled. I can say that she is the best girl he could find, I am very happy and says that why don’t we set a date for the two of them. Trumpet asks Bhabi to hold and she says what now, Trumpet says that Karan has placed the same old condition for Ria and it’s up to her to answer now. Bhabi says that is he mad can’t he see it in her eyes, Trumpet says that this is the problem as those words don’t come her eyes and everyone is not an expert in reading eyes especially our Karan. She further says that I know why Ria is not saying yes because she doesn’t wants to hurt Anaita. Trumpet says that Ria has only two and a half hour to say yes to Karan and I am too excited.
Sohani and Vanessa are with Ria and say that why are you lost and are you even listening to us. The two of them remind Ria of all the moments with Karan, the date with Jignesh, their encounter, the fight with Euro, the dance. Ria also starts to remember and says that I can’t do anything about it. Jignesh comes and says that why is it that you can’t share your feelings, why are you doing this because of Anaita. He says everyone knows that you like Karan and says that don’t do this to yourself and everything is going great. He says that if she is as good as you say then she’ll understand it. Ria says that she is friends with Anaita since childhood and can’t break that up for just a relationship. She says that her only priority is Anaita and her feelings and nothing else and leaves. On the other hand Anaita is tying knots saying Karan is min, Karan is Ria’s and is going crazy she remembers Karan saying I Like you to Ria and cries.
The class is going on and only an hour is left, Karan looks at Ria and Anaita is sitting at the back looking very angry. Karan waits some few minutes and then gets up and leaves the class. Ria looks at her watch as well. Vanessa tell Ria that only a few minutes are left till two strikes and Karan won’t give you another chance like this again. The class teacher asks a question of which Anaita goes to answer on the board. She writes something on the board but it’s not the answer. Anaita says that it’s the formula for Ria and Karan and tells Ria to go after Karan.

Precap: Ria is looking for Karan all over the college but can’t find him. Karan is in the parking lot and is about to start his bike and leave. Ria sees a sound system and says I don’t know if you can hear me but I do like you Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Again one mre superb update finally ria realised her feelgs!!!

  2. wow… episode was superb. now I think that anu is making some plan. firstly she felt jealous of ria n karan’s chemistry n tried many plans to separate them n now she is giving permission to ria to confess her feelings to karan…. such a confusing character of anu….

  3. She’ll try to create misunderstanding between Karan and ria, but no worries. There chemistry will surely rock.

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  5. Wow…
    An amazing, mind blowing, fantastic episode….Eagerly waiting for Monday…
    This Monday….lot of surprises….

  6. today’s episode was the best…i just loved it…excited for monday…and that annu will play some dirty trick to seperate #kia (karan+ ria) luved the show…….

  7. omg! the precap is just amazing !
    waiting for it….

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