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Sohani comes at the party early as well and finds Vanessa and Trumpet. Jignesh comes out of the shower and is shocked to see Sohani and asks Vanessa of what he should wear. She says that wear anything as its going to get ruined. Sohani says that I have something for you to wear. She brings out a tee shirt , jeans and jacket and Jignesh thanks her calling Susu. Sohani says that I have another one for you and gives him a helmet. Jignesh says that I don’t have a bike and Sohani replies saying that I gifted the helmet so ask you girlfriend to gift you the bike. Vanessa throws the balloons and leaves while Trumpet smiles.
Ria arrives at the place and is stopped by Anaita. She ignores her and Anaita says that this is the treatment I deserve. Anaita says that I was a bad friend and made you cry a lot

and made you look bad in front of Karan, also I worked with Euro against you. Everyone comes and stands with Ria and Anaita says that I know what I did is not pardonable and to say sorry would look fake and this is the best I could do. She gives Ria a drawing and Ria says that this is the best you could think of but what you said earlier is also true and I reject your friendship proposal.
Ria says that nothing mattered to me more than our friendship but left nothing while trying to hurt me and no one hurt me more than you did and says I can’t trust you again and Anaita leaves. Jignesh comes forwards and receives the gift from Ria. She asks of what he is doing here as this was a surprise party for him. Jignesh looks at Vanessa and then makes the excuse saying that it was but I came here and caught her planning it
Jignesh gets a call from Karan and says that Karan is waiting for us in the lawn. Ria says that I’ll wait for you guys here. Jignesh says that I knew were going to say this and asks her to come as it’s his birthday. Ria agrees and they go to the lawn, everyone comes and no one is there and Sohani says that only one minute is left in Jignesh’s birthday. Ria says that to herself that what is Karan going to do now, this guys doesn’t leaves any single chance.
Soon the lights turn on around the lawn and Karan arrives and takes Jignesh to dance. He looks at Ria and starts dancing beside her but she leaves and they get tangled in lights as Ria is heading out and everyone watches from behind with awe. Ria looks at Karan and remembers shooting Karan and asks him to stop and says that you crossed all the limits, don’t you see my discomfort and problems, you are very insensitive. Karan apologizes and says I was just, Ria says that I don’t need your apology, dancing, music or anything. I only want you to stay away from me. Ria says that I cancelled my plan but you would stay away from me but it looks that it was just a desperation attempt and if this goes on I would have to rethink my plan. She tries to get the wires of her but can’t so Karan helps her and she leaves the party wishing Jignesh a happy birthday.
Ria is heading home in her car and says that what irony is this as the person love the most is the one I have to stay away from. She says why doesn’t he understands and keeps trying everything to come close and I yell at him without wanting to. She says that I have to do something big to make him hate me. Ria is being followed by someone who is wearing a mask. Ria parks the car and starts to walk and the person stalks her with a gun.
He puts a gun behind her head and tells her to freeze, he tells her not to move and asks of what she thinks of herself as she doesn’t behave well with others. Ria says that its nothing like that and she cares for people and she has only hurt on guy and that is Karan. The person says that you have also hurt someone else and fires the empty gun. Ria turns around and the person says that he is a good guy and you haven’t told me that you found a good guy. Ria takes his mask off and says Riki Nanda and says I missed you and hugs him.
Karan is eating and drinking a lot and Vanessa says that look at the way he is eating and if this goes on I think he would go mad. Trumpet tells her to keep her stupid ideas to herself and everyone comes forward to talk to Karan. He looks at everyone and says that haven’t you eaten cake before. Trumpet says that stop this act and asks of what are you going to do now. Jignesh also says that Ria has said what she wants and Karan says that Ria will fall in love with me. Trumpet says that by Ria’s gesture it doesn’t looks like as she is interested in you while Karan says that he has full interest in his love story and no one can come between them.
Riki says that this Karan guy is in love with you and asks of what she feels about him. Ria says nothing at all and he says that you are classmates and so how do deal with it. Ria says that she ignores him and asks for how long he is here. He says that he is here for a week and says that what about me going to your college. He asks if anyone thinks of him as her boyfriend and if that would leave to any misunderstanding. Ria says that if that happens than it’s also good.

Precap: Singhania says to Anaita and I wonder sometimes if you like Karan or not by the look of your efforts. Anaita says that this time Ria would say yes to me. Ria arrives at the college with Riki and introduces him to Karan as her boyfriend.

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