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Ria finds a wallet on the entrance of college, she recalls the first day when in a similar event Karan had thrown paint over her, this time it were some papers. She watches a man approaching just like Karan had done, demanding his wallet.She comes towards the car where Riki had been waiting. He asks if she won’t change her decision, she says no.
Ria shuts her eyes recalling her past life again. She demands Riki to go for PLR session right away, Riki assures about going tomorrow.
The doctor tells Veer about PLR sessions, Veer asks if it’s possible to remind someone past life who doesn’t believe on past life. The doctor tells him this therapy doesn’t work on everyone. Veer questions if three people are born at the same time with same bonding. The doctor informs him about some cases

of lovers taking rebirth. Veer thinks if this is Kabir’s second birth, may be Udita and Anushka were also reborn. Veer and Ria were together in the hospital but couldn’t confront each other.
Jignesh tells Bhabhi about Karan’s vow of not defending himself. Bhabhi understands Ria wants Karan to fight back.
The doctor advices Ria to take rest as her pulse rate still doesn’t meet for next session. Ria comes home to meet Bhabhi and was happy. Her mother complains why Ria isn’t going to cheer Karan up with his boxing. Bhabhi wonders why Ria is giving so much importance to her past’s events. There, Jignesh tells Karan where Bhabhi had gone and he reaches Ria’s home. He forbids Bhabhi to blame Ria, Bhabhi and Ria’s mother insist their lives affect others as well. Ria accepts they all think her to be wrong, but she is contended at heart. She complains Karan if she wants to go away from him, he must not stop her. Karan insists they don’t know who can help them and how.
Veer worked out shirtless outdoor. Anaita watches him, he notices his presence. She asks about talking to him, he asks if she wants a peace treaty. Anaita wants to talk to him about Karan. Veer guesses Karan is his boyfriend and she wants him to win, she must consult referee and she doesn’t trust her boyfriend’s skills. Anaita insists he isn’t her boyfriend, it’s about his life and death today. He can only help Karan in the present situation. Veer asks for complete explanation, else she may solve it herself. Anaita promises to tell him everything, but only if he listens attentively. She tells him about Karan and Ria’s bet. Veer suggests him to go to Ria. Anaita asks if he would stop Karan or not? Veer asks her to control her tone first if it’s a request. Anaita repeats her question in a changed tone. He assures about talking to Ria and Karan both. Anaita tells him that talking to Ria is useless, she has some past life connection with Karan and wants him to stay away. Veer assures about talking to them both, but only after she tells him the whole story. Anaita tells Veer that in her past life Ria killed Karan on Heer Ranjha point, she thinks herself to be a curse for him. Veer wonders if Ria is Anushka or Udita is yet to be discovered. Anaita requests Veer to stop Karan if he can and leave. Veer thinks he must stop Karan.
Ria sat in her room’s window, Riki comes with juice for her. She was upset about Karan’s bet.
Veer comes to the case board. He wonders if Ria is Anushka or Udita?

PRECAP: Riki asks Ria if she is coming to match, Ria’s mother informs Ria about going to Karan’s match. Ria thinks she has to go, but she already lost him once before in past life and doesn’t want to lose him again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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