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Karan, Ria and Anaita are all unconscious and Singhania says that just a little more time and your game will be finished. Their blood samples are being collected and later the blood reports come and Singhania is told by his workers that their blood groups don’t match provided to us by the ISI. They inform him that Udita’s blood group was Ab+ where Ria is an O group, he says that the finger prints and blood groups can never be wrong. They tell him that none of three reports match, Singhania says that you mean to say that these are not the same people and I have no threat from them. He laughs and says that you mean to say that only their faces match, his worker says that this might be their rebirth and he shuts them up saying that I don’t believe in rebirth.
Ria is still unconscious when she

remembers Singhania giving him the gun in another lifetime and wakes up. She says that why does she sees these weird things and says that what is the connection to these and who is that guy looking like Karan whom I kill by shooting. She prays to god for help and then wonders where she is. Karan instantly comes in and asks if she is Okay, she asks of what happened to them. Singhania comes in and says that there is a chemical factory near this place and some gas was leaked from there. Before I could come and tell you to close the doors and windows you all passed out.
He says that it’s all safe now, Ria looks at Singhania and says that what is the connection to all of this as he is the person who gives him the gun in her dreams. Singhania offers them to stay here for the night while Ria says that they will leave now and asks Karan where Anaita is. Karan looks away and doesn’t answer.
Later that day Anaita has arrived and Ria’s house and her mother opens the door. She asks of what happened and where Ria is but she doesn’t answer and walks away. Ria comes as well and asks her mother where Anaita is, her mother says that what is happening. Ria says that she needs to talk to her.
Ria is telling Anaita to calm down and listen to her at least once, Anaita tells her to just forget it and continues packing her stuff. Ria says that its nothing like what you are thinking. On the other hand Karan is talking about Ria to his Bhabi and Trumpet he says It feels as if there is connection between me and Ria and Trumpet says finally. Karan says that she is very different very quiet and simple and sometimes he feels as if he is pulled towards her. He says that the amazing thing is that none of this feels new and looks as if he has been doing this for a long time. He says that the depth in her eyes and her smile give me peacefulness when I see them. Bhabi says that what the one with whom you are trying this relationship and have said yes to. Karan says that there is something wrong with that girl.
Anaita is angry at Ria and says that you have ruined me in the eyes of Karan and you are the perfect angel in his eyes and he sees nothing but problems in me. She says this is the image you created didn’t you, very smart Ria very smart you are. An innocent face and such dirty games in your mind and says that she cant believe this. She says that I did everything for you and return you kept eye on my boyfriend. Ria says that this isn’t her intention and never was and not is. Anaita tells her to listen while Ria says that you listen this time. Ria says that I want to explain one thing for so many days and you are not listening, she says that you know how much I value relationships and never wanted to hurt you. Anaita says that this act of yours has hurt me the most in my life.
Karan is still talking to Bhabi about Ria while Anaita closes her bag and goes to sleep saying that she’ll leave for hostel tomorrow. Bhabi says that there is difference the two of them and asks of what is he going to do now. Karan says that he doesn’t know about anything else and says what the two of them have is something different. Karan says that he said what was in his heart and he doesn’t believe in love but he does feel something different with her. Trumpet and Bhabi hug him while he says that don’t get too over excited but there is something in between them. Bhabi says that you’ll get to know about tat as well very soon and Trumpet says that you are given signals by the creator just like I said. Ria goes and picks up photos from the floor and recalls what Anaita has just said and cries.
Jignesh is looking at the photos of Vanessa and Sohani when Trumpet comes and trips him. He says that are you going to kill me while Trumpet says that you die now very soon because if you are balancing yourself by stepping on two boats then you’ll definitely drown. Jignesh says that I have to choose one and today I’ll decide it. Trumpet says that finally you got some brains and says that do it now. He puts the photos on the table and starts a puzzled count and closes his eyes. The photos blow away and Jignesh and says that there would be two girls in his life and this is what destiny wants.
Euro goes to friend who is shooting and gives him some money to shoot Karan in the chest. He says that I’ll handle the rest and you must send Karan to the hospital and remember don’t kill him, he must only go to the hospital. Karan arrives at the college waving at his friends, when he gets shot and falls on the ground. Everyone runs to Karan and Trumpet slaps the guy who shot him and he keeps apologizing saying that it was a mistake.
On the other hand Karan gets up and everyone is amazed, the bullet is stuck in the good luck pendant that Ria gave him. Sohani says that it’s the pendant Ria gave him and takes it to Ria. Trumpet says that destiny is giving you a signal and Jignesh agrees as well and says that I hope that destiny would give me a signal so that I can choose between Sohani and Vanessa. Trumpet says that now you don’t have to wait and go meet Ria while Jignesh says change the shirt first.
Sohani and Vanessa are with Ria and she asks if Karan is Okay, Sohani says that your good luck charm saved him and he is all fine. Vanessa says that such a magical world you have, when will this happened to me. Ria says that he didn’t get hurt did he, Vanessa says that I have a first aid box for that. Sohani says that he is all fine and let’s go meet him now. Ria remembers of what Anaita said and says that she won’t meet him.
Karan comes and says that why won’t you meet me, why are you like this and put others feelings before yours. I came here to thank while Ria says that Anaita is a great girl and I don’t want to put any more blame on myself. Karan asks of what he has to do to make her happy and says that make Anaita happy, she is a nice girl and tell her that you like her and will keep her happy. Karan says that do you really want this and everyone in the back nods “NO”.

Precap: Karan goes to Anaita and says that I see nothing wrong in you and says that this is me saying it and do you know why. I am saying this because Ria told me to and she wants the two of to stay together. He apologizes and says that I will say the truth whether anyone likes it or not. He says that I want to say something else I like Ria and goes to her and says that I am saying this in front of everyone I like you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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