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Veer asks the policeman to show him the video again while the police man says that there is nothing that Zubair gave to Euro and only called him for forgiveness. Veer says that he still can’t believe it and there is some reason else as well. The police man says that I think you want to waste your time while we have got information about Rajiv Malhotra, he was working in a company known as Prince of seas but is now absent for 5 about days. Everything is normal but one that and that is a transfer of 3 crore rupees in an old account. Veer says that as far as I know he doesn’t works in India but since he has taken Rajiv’s name I have to find out.
Jignesh comes and Karan is already, Ria says to him that you look very hot and I know you will say that Ria your choice is great. Ria asks Jignesh if he

has done her work and he says that my friend will be out there in a minute with a car. Jignesh puts glasses on Karan and they leave while Bhabi catches Anaita. She says that don’t you feel embarrassed while Anaita says that she is just playing a game. Bhabi takes her and says that now you will answer everything to the authority. On the other hand the ward boy sees Ria and says that I dropped her off in front of the emergency and isn’t that guy with the glasses a coma patient and goes to his room to check. Bhabi takes Ria to Karan’s room and finds that he is not there.
Veer looks at the video again and finds a chip in Zubairs hand and says that look at Euro’s reaction change. The policeman wonders how Zubair got the card, Veer also starts to think and then says wrist. He says that Zubair didn’t commit suicide he cut his wrist to take that nano card out. He says that he found his son and got the info out, though I can’t say it with surety but it might have the nuclear bombs location or information about Rajiv Malhotra. They decide to follow him Euro will guide them.
Bhabi asks Anaita where Karan is and she runs out the room, the nurse is still knocking and Bhabi opens the door and asks of what kind of people these. Bhabi scolds her and says that I told you to look after Karan, this is how you’ll take care. The nurse explains of what happened and says that I think that….soon the ward boy comes and says that someone is taking that patient out of the hospital in a wheelchair. They come out put Karan in a car and head off Bhabi comes running outside and says that this time you have crossed the limit.
In the car Ria says that I was dying to meet you while Sohani says that I don’t know how this will affect Karan but you have gone completely mad. Jignesh says that just like a hero takes heroin from a wedding and runs you have done almost the same. Ria says that this planed got carried out because of you and says that today is our anniversary. Sohani says that don’t thank us I didn’t even help you while Ria says that you did after thinking logically. Ria sits next to Karan while Jignesh asks if she is Okay and Sohani says she is looking at them, Jignesh says that I can understand and the two of them hold hands as well. Bhabi is in a car and says that I won’t leave Ria this time she has crossed all the limits and calls Veer but his phone is not reachable. Veer says to the police that I will follow Euro while the policeman says that I don’t want you to as if he finds out we won’t get anything and says that our man is after him and he will give us information about Euro. Veer gets a call from Bhabi who tell him about Karan and says that I am following their car and ask him to come. Veer wonders what Ria is doing and when the police man asks he says that it’s just some kids’ stuff.
Ria comes with Karan to a place where a date is all set up and Ria asks of how he liked her surprise. Anaita says that I hope that Karan gets well and Jignesh says that I hope this drama ends and so does Sohani. Ria says that she feels very bad for Bhabi and Anaita says that I feel very bad as well. Ria apologizes to Karan for Bhabi and says that what was I supposed to do, I had to spend time with you as well so that Bhabi gets that I am not a bad news for you. Anaita says that Karan loves you a lot and I am sure he is seeing this all and says that lets celebrate. They head to the table and Ria says that do you remember how you celebrated my birthday. She says that a year ago today I met you for the first time and I felt my heartbeat normal and I pray that I could take you there but right now you will have to suffice. They cut the cake and Ria tries to give it to Karan and imagines him waking up and eating the cake and asking him to feed her. Anaita tells her not to be upset and they all hug each other.
Euro plays the file in which Zubair says that I have hidden a lot of things from you and apologizes for them. He says that I know you will see me now and think that you will be remembered as the son of a terrorist. He says that I have been working for my organization for more than 30 years and was smaller than you when I joined. I was ready to tell you but you weren’t and says that after this video ends a photo of a location will come and you must go there and there is a gift for you over there and says that though you must hate I will always love. He shows the location of a house and says that now it will self-destruct and tells him to go the location.
Sohani is playing basketball in front of Karan and asks Anaita to join him as she is alone. Anaita says that Ria is alone while she says that I am with Karan. Jignesh comes and starts playing with Sohani and she asks him to say something just once but then looks away sadly. Anaita makes Karan’s voice when Bjabi comes with the police.

Precap: She says to Ria that you love him and disgusting you all are as you are a part of this nonsense. Anaita says that Ria has done nothing wrong and she tells them all to shut up and says that is he a toy in your party and tells the inspector to arrest them

Update Credit to: Sona

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