Mastaangi 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria tells Anaita that she only wants to stay in her limits. Anaita says she will teach him such lessons that he won’t ever try to abuse anyone again.
Jignesh runs in the college corridor, with color on his face. He goes calling Karan. Euro told shortcut about his dad’s business. Jignesh comes there in all the worst condition. Euro asks what happened to him. Jignesh recalls waiting with bouquet for Sohani. Ria comes with her friends, Jignesh comes to Sohani and gives her the bouquet. Sohani was angry at Jignesh that his friends had done really wrong with Ria. Jignesh turns to leave, Sohani asks him to say sorry to Ria so that they can talk. Jignesh takes a flower and says sorry to Ria, he was innocent. Anaita takes the flower in between, Ria says he still has to pay for it. She keeps a hand

on Jignesh shoulder and asks who K is? Jignesh says he is Karan. He tells her about his friends. Anaita holds his shirt and tears it from between. Jignesh was shocked. Anaita says the one who sides a wrongdoer is equally involved. She asks Ria if he said sorry? Now he will pay as well. She looks around for some color, as his friend threw color on Ria. Sohani says she has the color in her bag, Anaita takes the color in her hand and rubs it all over Jignesh face. Jignesh tells Euro that she also said this was just a trial. Euro asks how she is. He says she is a cracker. Euro drags him to go and see.
Ria goes with her friends towards library. Anaita goes towards gymnasium. Euro goes behind her in gymnasium. Anaita asks for changing room in the gym, the receptionist stops Euro but he introduces himself and goes inside. Anaita was on tread wheel. Euro stared at her, Anaita laughed at him and appreciated his efforts. Karan lay nearby with a cloth over his face, he gets up and takes his jacket off and begins push-ups. Anaita’s attention goes to his body. Karan walks down the machine, the tread wheel unplugs and Anaita was about to fell on the ground. He holds her in his arms, they remember their encounter once in Turkey’s hotel. Karan holds her to a bench, and massages her foot. Anaita smiles, she takes a lipstick and writes something on a handkerchief. Karan asks if it is fine. She nods, waves him bye and leaves. Karan looks at her handkerchief with a number written over it.
In the class, Ria asks Anaita if they must add him in her list? Jignesh tells Karan that she is Ria’s friend Anaita. Euro also says she is really hot. Karan thinks that he will revenge her in a way that will change her outlook. Karan dials Anaita’s number. She picks the call, and says she knew he would call. She wanted to see how desperate he is. She asks for a date. Karan says before that, we must meet each other. She takes her bag and leaves the class. The teacher stops her, but she waves the class a bye without giving much attention to him.
Anaita come through the corridor, Karan guides her through the way stalking her all along. She comes to a dark hall. She asks Karan isn’t this place a bit dark, he suggests about going to the roof. There RIA is worried what if K is behind this all. She and her friend get out of the class. Karan brings Anaita to the roof. Sohani spots Karan and Anaita up on the roof. Ria is tensed at once. Karan asks Anaita what happened. Anaita asks if they can’t go somewhere else? Ria recalls at once that Anaita is acrophobic, fearful of height. Karan holds her towards him, Anaita tells her to relax as they have just met. Karan says he just want to see if she trusts him? Anaita gets away and says she doesn’t trust people easily. Karan takes her bag off and holds Anaita in his arms. Ria recognizes him to be Karan and says if he does something wrong to Annu today, she will kill him.
Karan asks Anaita if she knows how to fulfil friendship, and love. Anaita says she never loved, but she thinks she won’t fail. Karan brings her towards gallery. He tells Anaita that he is a good friend and know to fulfil a friendship. he says this is from his friend Jignesh, whom they bullied in the morning. He throw Anaita in the water.

PRECAP: Ria questions Karan why he did so with Anaita. Euro sends a drink for Ria, who came to the party and had worn a mask like anyone. Euro comes to the dizzy Ria.

Update Credit to: Sona

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