Mastaangi 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sohani says that Veer Sir is inside, Anaita says that I know that he’ll allow Ria to meet Karan. Sohani says that he promised Bhabi that he won’t let anyone meet Karan. Jignesh apologizes and says that we tried but Veer sent us out as well. Ria says that it’s Okay I’ll go and come back and find another way. Anaita says that I will get you inside and you will spend time with Karan and heads to the room. She goes and says to Veer that leave as I have to give the patient a sponge bath. Veer says that I am right here you can give the patient a sponge bath I am like a brother to him. Anaita says that why do you want to be inside while giving the sponge bath and Veer says that what are you talking about and asks why such a big trolley. Anaita says that what is your problem and are you a policeman to check

my trolley. Veer says that I have met you before somewhere. Anaita says that I joined the hospital today while Veer says that it feels as if I have met you before. Anaita says that you are flirting with a lady like me don’t you feel embarrassed. She tells him to leave and not waste her time as no matter if he is a boy rules are rules. She says that it will take some time so you have lunch if you want, Veer says that do your work I’ll wait outside.
He leaves and Ria comes out and thanks Anaita and says that for once I thought he recognized me. Ria says that Sohani and Jignesh didn’t recognized but I think Veer got a little doubt. Anaita says that he is stubborn and skeptical isn’t he, Ria says that Karan would have recognized you. Ria sits next to Karan and kisses his forehead while Anaita blows balloons. Ria says that I am seeing you like this for the first, the Karan I know is very mischievous and is always around me looking after me. She remembers Karan saying that I will always be two steps behind you. Ria says that now its my turn and I will always be around you to look after you. She says that do you remember the surprises you have given me. She remembers Karan singing happy birthday to her on the boat. Anaita says that do you think that Karan is listening to all of this, Ria says that of course he is don’t you remember the pranks he used to play. She picks a heart shaped balloon and says that do you remember what you did, the time when Karan prepared a surprise for Ria in her room just for her. Karan says to Ria that whatever moment I spend with you is an occasion and tells Ria to sit down quietly and smile. Ria thanks him and says that all of this is beautiful while Karan says that you are beautiful. Ria says that you are making me conscious while Karan says that is true. Anaita who is blowing the balloons and one of them pops and Ria asks if Veer would have heard it.
Veer sitting outside with Sohani and Jignesh says that I heard something blow, Jignesh says that he didn’t hear anything and maybe its your imagination. Soon a nurse walks by them with a sponge bath and finds the room locked. She asks why the room in locked, Veer says that a doctor went inside for a sponge bath. The nurse says that right now it’s her duty. Veer says that nurse sent us outside and she must be the one to lock it. The nurse says that you are not allowed to lock the doors and Jignesh says that I will go and check and hits the nurse who drops her phone in the sponge bath. Sohani goes and calls Anaita and tells her about the update who tells Anaita. Jignesh apologizes to the nurse and says that it won’t happen again. Ria says that lets tell Veer he’ll understand while Anaita says that he won’t and tells her to wait next to Karan and says that I will handle it. Anatia takes the phone and asks the name of the nurse from Sohani. Sohani goes and says to Jignesh that why you broke her phone and asks her name and leaves. Jignesh says that he will fix the phone while Veer tell her to check on who went inside. The nurse says that how can I leave my phone with them and Veer goes to check on the room himself. Jignesh says that now we all will have get admitted in the hospital. Anaita comes out yelling that what is your problem and Veer says that you locked the room which is not allowed.
Anaita goes to the nurse and says that how many times you have spent in this hospital and yells at everyone and expresses herself as a senior person. She tells at everyone to leave while Veer says that why should I, she says that you are not family, Veer says that the patients Bhabi told me to look after him. Anaita says that the staff is here to check and look after him so no need to worry and the visiting time has finished. Veer gets a call say8ing that Zubiar has attempted suicide and leaves.
Ria says to Karan that this is your favorite perfume but you never told me but this is how I find out. She says that do you remember the time you dropped paint on me. Though I got very mad but you do remember to what I did. She says that was the time our perfume took over me, though I never told you but I looked for everywhere. When I almost gave I saw you using that perfume after your boxing practice, you have no idea how much this has helped whenever you are not around or I miss you I use this fragrance and then it feels as if you are around me. She says that lets hear some music and puts headset on him and lies next to him. She dreams Karan waking up and asking her to dance with her and then going back to sleep.

Precap: Veer asks Singhania about the bomb and Singhania says that bomb is with Karan’s bigger brother Rajiv Malhotra.

Update Credit to: Sona

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