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Jignesh asks Karan what now and Karan says that I can’t leave her now and the ending of my story will be happy. Ria is going home and is thinking of what Karan said and look back and finds Karan following him. The cab she is going in gets a flat tire and Karan comes to help. Ria says that why don’t you understand and why do you want to hurt yourself. Karan says that don’t worry about me and starts eating food. At first Ria says that he is already sick and is eating spicy food, then offers Ria as well who hasn’t eaten anything since morning. He orders another plate and as he is looking away Ria takes a bite out of the plate. Soon Jignesh comes with the tire fixed and Ria leaves.
She arrives home and her parents come out and aski if everything is Okay. Ria says that the problem has been sorted

when her mother sees Karan standing at the door and invites him inside. He calls her mom and says that I can’t and we have set some boundaries. Ria says that don’t cross them as well and he says that I won’t you will. He calls her father dad and Ria goes irritated inside. Her father comes and he explains to the two them that he loves Ria and but she doesn’t accepts the same thing and she wants to stay away from him but he’ll make her his asks if they have a problem with it. Her mother hugs him and says that I haven’t seen anything like this before and no one will keep my Ria more happy than you. After Karan leaves Ria’s father says that there is a solid reason that the two of them have met again.
Karan is with everyone and explains of what he is doing. Bhabi says that he made you promise to stay away from her and to be like a strange and yet you’ll go after her. Karan says that what is he supposed to do, Karan says that if he leaves Ria than he’ll have to stop living. All of the girls kiss him and Jignesh comes forward as well to give a kiss, he stops him saying that if anyone would kiss me now than that would be Ria. Ria says that I have to keep Karan away from me and if that doesn’t works than I have to make him hate me. Karan says that I’ll do anything to make her fall in love with me.
Euro is with his father and asks of why he wants Karan and Ria to perform together again. He says that I thought you wanted to take my revenge in fact you are giving them a chance to impress everyone by their skills. Singhania says that I am your father and try to think further. Euro says that your planned failed like mine while Singhania says that do you remember their performance last time. Euro says that there performance about rebirth while Singhania says that this time there won’t be any rebirth as we’ll replace the fake gun with a real one. Euro is very happy and Singhania says that don’t challenge your father again
Karan arrives at college blocking Ria’s parking space once again, and says that this time I’ll let you win. Ria is recalling of what Karan said and says that he is very stubborn and came in my way in the morning. Karan says that Ria is very stuborn and won’t accept so easily. Jignesh sitting behind him says that what are you going to do. He gets off the bike and offers Ria the parking. She drifts around and leaves saying that if you are stubborn than I am even more.
Euro is with his friend and tells him that Karan has joined the college again. Euro says that don’t talk about him and he makes me feel like a loser. Singhania comes and says learn something from this and that is you can’t see your enemy and this time it isn’t Karan it’s his fate. He got saved because his fate saved him and that is going to run out soon. Euro asks of what he has planned and Singhania says that the girl who is a part of that love triangle who shook hands with you to against Ria. Euro says that its Anaita and Singhania wants to meet her.
Vanessa asks Ria of why she changed her plan and Sohani clarifies saying the science plan. Ria says that she wants to stay away from Karan and says that he won’t impose his feelings on me and we’ll live like strangers. Ria says that I know that you are also aware of this so don’t try to help Karan. Sohani says that we are your friends and are with you. Karan comes in the class and says Hi to everyone and mocks Ria by keeping a step away from her. He asks Sohani to give the seat and she says that we are friends and anything for them. Ria looks angrily at Sohani and she looks away.
Karan says to Ria that don’t be so mad as I said that I might not be next to you but will always be behind you and now the score is one each. You won in the parking and I won in the class.
Anaita comes to meet Singhania and doesn’t replies to Euro. Euro says that what do you think of yourself, Anaita replies saying that I am smart and you are a loser. She says that you told me that you’ll make Ria leave the college while you tried to molest her and I feel like slapping you right here right now. Singhania tells Euro to go and sit in the car and she apologizes to Singhania. He offers her saying that I won’t to Ria out of here and asks if she is interested in it. Singhnai says that I think you can lose your love but not your friend. He gets up saying that I think I wasted my time. She asks of what kind of damage he is talking about and Singhania says that such in which Ria could go to jail. After a moment of thinking Anaita agrees and says that Ria your good time is about to end.

Precap: Anaita asks of how Ria would go to jail after forgiving me and becoming friends with me again. Singhania explains that he would create some circumstances in which Ria would ham Karan intentionally and all of this would look like a crime scene but all of this would need to be done before the tournament. Ria gets a call from Vanessa and says that I have planned a birthday party for Jignesh and Anaita hears it as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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