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Mastaangi 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jignesh says to Veer that it’s Okay she is like this my way or the highway and then asks of what happened in the police station. Veer keeps quiet and then says that nothing special, He remembers Singhania saying that you were in the army and know how much people die in a blast. Veer says that you have planned a nuclear explosion and Singhania says that it took him 20 years nothing below a nuke suits him. He says that you have one way, deport me and Euro and I will tell you the location. Veer says that I know you very well and if your bomb was ready than it would have gone off by now. Singhania says that it’s your choice and all this responsibility do as you want. Veer says that I know that all your networks and men are under police custody while Singhania says that one person is still alive and out

there and I am in contact with him and says that you have one week only. Veer says that I will find out the person behind Kabir and Udita and not let this go so easily.
Anaita is with Ria in her room when Ria’s mother come and asks why she didn’t leave. Anaita says that we missed the flight and the bag was left in my room. Ria’s mother says that atleast you should have called me while Anaita says that we left for the airport but got stuck in traffic and Ria’s phone dropped and the battery in mine was very low so couldn’t do anything. Ria’s mother says that okay you guys take rest and I will bring you something to eat. They sit down and Ria asks of where her bag is, Anaita says that don’t worry it’s just a bag. Ria says that it wasn’t just a bag all my memories with Karan were in it. Anaita says that we’ll call the cab driver and ask him. Ria says that his number was in my phone and now I have nothing left. Anaita tells her to calm down and says that you can create new memories with Karan as if he is alive today it’s because of you. Ria says that you know that he is in coma while Anaita says that he will get better quickly. Ria says that I can never go near Karan now as if Bhabi is correct even on bit than I must stay away from him. Anaita says that didn’t you hear me Karan is alive today because of you and in my PLR sessions I saw that Udita always saved Kabir and so have you. Anaita says that all of this can’t be a coincidence while Ria says that it is just a coincidence. Anaita says that it isn’t it’s your love and I know that Karan is alive just because of you and I know that you can help him and bring him out of coma. Ria asks Anaita if she is telling the truth and Anaita says that it is as true love is nothing but magic.
They hug each other and her mother bring something to eat and say that your friendship has become real thick and you will miss each other once we leave. Ria says that she is not leaving all of this and she wasn’t able to think properly than while Anaita says that let me explain. She has gone mad and thinks that if she left Karan would be better without her. Her mother hugs her and says that I will miss you a lot.
The policeman is with Veer and says that what you are saying is impossible we can’t just leave Euro as you were the one who gave us evidence against them. Veer says that we have no evidence against Euro and Euro didn’t know anything about his father being an agent and always thought of him as a businessman. Veer says that Zubair is planning a nuclear bomb and asks the policeman to leave Euro. As once Euro is let go the informers will contact him and we will catch them. The policeman agrees and says that let me talk to my senior and Veer says that do so as the same person knows who killed agent Kabir and Udita.
Bhabi is at the hospital and asks the doctor to say anything about Karan while the doctor says that I can’t say anything. The doctor says that we are doing our best and that’s it, Bhabi says to Karan that take as much time as you need I am here with you. Ria is reading a blog about students who recovered from coma. Ria says that people criticized her a lot while Anaita says that its human nature not to give anyone false hope. Ria says that this guy has said that he felt what his friends were doing which gave him hope. Anaita says that you can also do this for Karan and Ria says that she will, Anaita says that at least you found a way I don’t know where he is. Ria says that don’t worry you’ll find him soon, Anaita says hopefully. Ria says that I don’t how I will go the hospital and how will I reach him, Anaita says that’s simple.
Euro is walking when Veer offers him a ride home, Euro says that are you here to mock me or give me sympathy. Veer says that I know what you are going through as my father was also the one who was disgraced. Euro says that there is no need to say all of this as I know that you hate, Veer says that I am the one got you out of jail and now I need you to do something for me. Euro says that if it is related to my dad than I won’t do it, send me back to jail if you want. Euro leaves and Veer says that I have to find another way.
Bhabi is with Karan and says that your brother is very worried so please get up for him. Jignesh comes with Veer and asks Bhabi to go home and take rest. Bhabi says that she is not leaving again as there was a huge problem when she left the last time. Bhabi says that Ria must not come here and not meet Karan, Veer says that you can trust me and I promise that Ria won’t come here and says that if you get sick than who will take care of Karan. He says that take rest for some time and come back, Bhabi says that don’t forget your promise Ria must not come here. Veer says to Karan that get up lets go a few hands.
Sohani says to Jignesh that can’t all of this end like a nightmare, Karan is in coma and Bhabi is taking Ria negative in everything. Jignesh says that once Karan gets well than everything will be Okay. Sohani says that what if Ria doesn’t come and Karan doesn’t get well. She says that how can Veer Sir promise Bhabi as Ria and Karan are good friends as well as both of them were travelling together and if Ria wanted she could have said no to come with us. How could he just say that he won’t let Ria meet Karan. She says that Veer Sir knows very well that it is Ria because of whom Karan is alive today. Jignesh says that Veer Sir is a good friend of Karan and he did all of this because he didn’t want to hurt Bhabi and wanted to make him feel better.
Anaita comes dressed as a Nurse with a trolley with her, she sees Sohani and Jignesh and says that kids are not allowed in the hospital. Jignesh says that their friend is hurt so they came to meet him, Anaita says that this is a corridor of a hospital not your college garden. They get up and say that we’ll leave and Anaita says that Sohani at least you should have recognized me. Jignesh asks of what she is doing and Ria comes out of the table. Jignesh says that what are you doing here as Bhabi said that you are not allowed to meet Karan. Anatia says that she will take care of Bhabi while Jignesh says that Bhabi is not in there.

Precap: Veer stops Anaita and says that why do you need such a big trolley for a sponge bath, he asks of what is in the trolley while Anaita says that are you a police men to look under my trolley. Veer steps closer and says that I have met you before.

Update Credit to: Sona

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