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Karan comes with Jignesh and overtakes the bus and comes inside to find Ria. The conductor asks of who he is looking for and Karan replies saying Ria. Ria hides behind a seat and a woman comes forward saying that she is Ria and want does he wants from her. Karan says that he wants her Ria and goes forward when a girl signals him about her location. He goes to her and says that no matter how much you hide I’ll find you always. The people on the bus ask them to hurry up when Ria says that she has bought the ticket and won’t get off.
Karan says that he’ll also won’t get off and says that because of these wounds if you hurt me than there will be a police case on you. Ria agrees to get off and follows Karan but closes the door as he gets off and gets back to her seat. Karan sits in front of the

bus and Ria gets out. She comes to him and says that I got out off the bus because I didn’t want any more problems and asks why he is doing all of this. Jignesh asks God to help Karan finish his love story.
Ria asks of why he is doing this and Karan says that you can asks me to not to come with you but can’t stop me from following you. Karan says that this is my decision and you are asking me of why I am doing this, as I should be the one asking this question. Ria says that this is not right while Karan replies saying that what is wrong with us and our bond getting strong every time. Jignesh is making the video and the rest of the girls are watching as well. Karan shows her the pendant and asks of what he did wrong.
Ria says that none of this is your fault but is mine and explains of how he got hurt every time she got close to him and says I am bad news for you. I have to stay away from you and can’t give you any more problems and pain. Karan says that why are you believing in superstitions while Ria says that these are not superstitions and this has been going on for a very long time. Karan asks of what she is saying and Ria says that you wont understand that and asks him to let her go. Karan says that don’t go and why are coming after me even in this condition and not letting me go. Everyone says that say that you love her and Karan says that because I love you and takes a step back and shouts again saying I love you.
Everyone waits for Ria’s reply when Karan says that before meeting you I never thought about this. My friends and gadgets were my priorities once but none of them matter in front of you. He says that this is all happening for the first time and don’t know what will happen next. Ria says that let me say something as well and Karan says that say what you want to say just don’t say that you don’t want to be with me.
Ria says I love you too Karan and I have always loved him in this life and the other as well and hugs him as well. She wakes up and Karan says that you are a bright student and why are you becoming destroying your career for a guy and leaving your parents for it. She says that I also want to say something but can’t be threat to your life. Jignesh’s phone battery dies and everyone is left with a climax.
Ria asks if he loves her unconditionally and would agree to what she says. Karan says that promise me one thing that form today you and I don’t know each other. She says that you want me not leave Pune so we won’t meet from today and nothing will be between us, we’ll be total strangers and asks him to reply. Karan says that you just asked of what I just got after such a long while. He asks of why she is taking such a harsh test of him and Ria says that I can’t explain you right now. Ria says that the test is mine and though I love you I chose your safety as I didn’t only kill you in the past life and am also killing you slowly.
Karan agrees and says that you can ask me to not be with you but will always follow whenever you look back. He says that its my right to try and I will never cross the line and will keep in my limits. He holds her hand and says that I won’t give up and if you can stop yourself than done. A taxi comes and Karan stops it, he takes Ria to the cab and she sits inside. He closes the door and says all the best and the cab leaves.

Precap: Ria comes to her house and her parents asks if everything is Okay and Ria says that the problem has been solved. Karan stands outside her house and when her parents call him inside he calls them by mom and dad and says I wont cross the boundaries.

Update Credit to: Sona

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