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Veer questions Anaita where she brings so much hatred in this world. Anaita thinks about Karan and curtly says she only got pain in love, she will never believe in love again. Veer thinks she only reacted on love, maybe she felt one sided love for Karan Malhotra.
Karan comes to see Euro while Singhania was also there. Singhania boasts Karan has a long way to get perfect, he will beat Karan easily. Only the ones who keep an eye on their target always win the games. Euro tears Karan’s photo from the punching bag, and offers Karan about changing the decision. Singhania warns Karan to change his decision as there is still time, else loss will be his fate. Karan was determined to participate. Euro challenges him. Ria was upset outside the door and wonders why he hurts himself everytimg, she isn’t coming.

Singhania confronts Veer, Veer responds with an old saying; God may give one poverty but not over-confidence. Singhania leaves with Euro. Anaita reassures Ria Karan is very strong, Ria tells them about Karan’s vow and her decision about not cheering him.
Sohani and Jigyasa were together, Jigyasa notices some men staring at her. She murmurs some names for them, but until Sohani looked behind the men left and Riki came there. Sohani asks Jigyasa to go and kiss him, only then she would get an inspiration to kiss Jigs. She pulls Jigyasa to Riki. Jigyasa takes Riki’s attention to a cockroach and kiss him, she runs away, comes to a corridor and toss some water in mouth.
Jignesh comes out of washroom and turns to face a wall watching Riki approach. He was confused watching Riki who gets his attention. Riki asks Jignesh about Sohani’s friend Jigyasa. Jignesh wonders why he is asking about some strange girl. Riki tells him about Jigyasa kissing him in second meeting, Jignesh runs away from Riki.
Ria was in library when Veer passes by, then stops with her. Ria wonders why this world is fascinated by Love, every book has this one word in common. She heads towards horror section of library. Veer counts another one sided love story, Karan, Ria and Anaita. He gets a call about fixing of his appointment, then thinks about recalling Karan his past life.
Ria was thinking about Karan. She wonders how she come there, Euro is his enemy and she is a curse for him; what if something bad happens to him when she is around. Anaita comes to Ria confessing their friendship bond is no more the same, but she wants to ask her if she would really not come for the boxing match. She know well Karan won’t fight back and is also aware of its outcome. Ria complains he is being childish, she can’t encourage him in something that would hurt him. Anaita insists she must go there. Ria denies, Karan must back out of this fight. Anaita was helpless. Riki calls Ria, she asks him to go as she would meet him at home. Ria thinks if she was in her place she would have understood her. Anaita sadly tells Ria she realizes she isn’t her place. Ria thanks her for speaking with her after a long time, she heads to leave.
Anaita watches Karan practice. Veer wonders why Anaita is behind Karan.

PRECAP: The doctor agrees to Veer it is possible for a person to recall past life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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