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Ria is about to touch the entry code when Singhania comes and holds her hand back and says that don’t know that don’t you know that some places are not to be crossed and it’s better to leave them. He stares her in the eyes with anger and she apologizes says I was looking for the dining room and somehow got here. Singhani says that its Okay you can go wherever you want, now let’s have lunch together. He says that everyone must be waiting now and she leaves, Singhania says that till now you are acting but how long will you keep this up.
Euro says to Karan that for Ria you became enemies with me and asks what is special in her. Karan says that what’s special in her will not be understood by a cheap person like you so just let it go and the thing about you and me being enemies, I think I have

told you this before as well that you started this hatred and I am only playing along.
Singhania comes with Ria and she joins them on the table and Karan asks if she is Okay. She nods and Singhania says that she is absolutely Okay and then they finally have lunch. Later Singhania asks them about where they are from and if they have only lived in Puna only, they both says that they are from Puna. Singhania says that he also likes this city as it has an unusual peacefulness. Karan says that he has always lived here and so does Ria but she further says that I might go somewhere else depending on the college I chose. Singhania says that you two think about your favorite colleges and leave the rest for me. Karan says that its very generous of you, though I keep changing my interest everyday but this girl is very focused.
Euro is taking photos of the two of them and says that I’ll show you how be an enemy Karan and Ria soon you’ll see when your best friend becomes an enemy. He sends those photos to Ria and on seeing them she loses herself. She gets a call from the same number and hears Karan and Ria talking about each other and how they were. Euro leaves and says to Anaita that incase the photos weren’t enough I gave you the chance to listen to the two of them as well. He says that I am you real friend I am Euro and says that I am at my dad’s house and further taunts her. She gets more angry and he says that its no good to talk on phone and its better to talk in person. Anaita gets very angry at Ria and says that I hate you and throws stuff around.
Karan and Ria thank Singhania for the lunch and he says that there is no need and I think that something was left, but we’ll complete that in the dinner so that we can that you can thank us with the bottom of your heart. He says that we have a surprise for you and says that lets go and see.
He takes them to the shooting range and says that I have an emotional connect with it. He says that when people piss me off then I come here to take my anger out. He takes some shots and they are exactly on the spot. Karan is very impressed and Singhania points the gun at him. Karan gets scared and he offers Karan to try it out. Ria is afraid and says that I don’t think you have ever tried shooting before so don’t do it. Karan says that there’s a first time for everything, Singhania says that this test will tell it if you are Karan or Cabir as never misses his marks. Karan tries it out and hits them all on the spot, Singhania says that my doubt was correct. A normal boy can never shoot with that much expertise especially on his first try, he is Cabir. Karan is very happy himself and says that I am the best.
Singhania offers Ria to shoot and Karan mocks her saying that her wrist will twist and says that tell Sir that you can’t shot as this no girls stuff and there is no need to be shy. Singhania gives the gun to Ria and says that take you shot, Ria takes her shots and they all land in the heart position and Singhania says that my students are far more talented than I expected. Ria is amazed and wonders how she did it and Singhania asks where she learned to shoot so well. Ria says that she tried shooting for the first time today and leaves. Karan follows her while Singhania says to himself that you I know it better that it’s not your first time.
Ria is sitting by the pool and recalling of what just happened, she sees a shadow and smiles. Karan joins her asks what happened, Ria says that sometimes she gets a weird feeling but says that let’s not get into all of that. She sees Karan wearing that pendant she gave him and he hides that in his shirt immediately. They go inside and thank Singhania for all the grand treatment, Euro says that there is one more surprise. Then they hear Anaita yelling surprise and are both scared. Singhania says that it looks like Euro invited a friend of hers and says that I guess you guys are friends and says you can go and chat. Anatia says that of course we have a lot to talk about, and the three of them leave.
Euro is about to leave when Singhania stops him and asks where he is going. Euro says that its going to hell of fun now. Singhania slaps him in the face. On the other hand Anaita is very angry at Ria and says you backstabbed me, Ria tries to explain and she tells him to shut up and not explain anything as she can’t anymore. Karan comes and says that it was his plan to not to tell you as he knew that you would not allow the two of them to go together. Anaita says that stop defending her.
Euro says that he did to take revenge on Karan while Singhania says that by doing these childish things you can take revenge on Karan never can you do this. He further says that you don’t have a mind of your own so stop running mine and tells him to leave. He gets angry and says that he ruined the whole plan. His worker comes and says that the way the argument is going on in between them it looks like that they are not going to stay for dinner. Singhania says that it’s the perfect chance today and he can’t afford to lose this and will do anything to make it work.
On the other Anaita is talking her frustration out on Anaita till karan tells her to shut up. He says that she is your BFF and why don’t you trust what she says, I have told you that I don’t love you so why this possessive behavior towards me and says that I am just giving it a try for you sake. Anaita says to Ria that you know all of this than why are you doing all of this and ruining your image in front of me. The three of them are fighting when someone sprays something in the room and Anaita and Karan pass out while Ria goes to get help. On her way she sees Singhania but gets dizzy and falls she reaches him, and passes out on the floor.
He looks at her and says that what did you think that you could ruin my plan and leave, I never lose Ria have you forgotten that. I always have a backup plan.

Precap: Anaita is leaving while Ria is trying to calm her down while Karan says that there is connection between me and Ria. Ria says that I don’t want to meet Karan when he comes and says why not. He asks her of what he has to do to make her happy, Ria says that make Anaita happy and tell her that you’ll always like her. Karan is walking towards his friends when he gets hit by a sniper and falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Sona

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