Mastaangi 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the office, Ria keeps on standing with the clerk who was busy eating and didn’t listen to her. The girls say they must eat something till then. Ria comes out towards the library, she asks someone for library. Karan was upstairs in the orridor, he thinks he must teach lesson to the girl. He looks at paint bucket nearby, Jignesh understands him at once. Karan drags him along. Karan stood with the paint bucket, a cell phone lay ringing on the floor. Ria passes by and picks it up. The bucket fell over her. Ria turns around to look at Jignesh and Shortcut. Shortcut tells her to look upward. Ria shouts at Karan to come forward if he dares, why play pranks from behind the back. Karan wears his shades and comes downstairs. Their past life run through Ria’s eyes, her heartbeats getting normal. Karan says

he and hide his face, no way. He tells her to write today as the lucky day in her calender, takes his shades off, and continues that she has seen K face to face. Ria’s friend come there. Ria asks why she did this. K says she turned down his plan to spoil his friend’s date, it was nothing personal. Ria stops Karan and says she had to say something. He turns around saying no sorrys, but Ria holds his hand, and rubs her face over him to put color on it too. She says no hard feelings, nothing personal. The nearby students say that this girl taught him a lesson. Karan says to Ria that he hates her, he wants her to get an admission in the college. Karan leaves with his friends, Ria thinks what he thinks of himself, a spoilt brat. Sohani takes a stain remover from her bag to remove the colour.
Ria’s father was shocked and asks why she doesn’t want to join Stephens. Ria says that boy is a monster. She says she wants to go to Delhi only. He insists that this happens in college life.
A girl with suit cases arrive.
Karan mixed some chemicals. Jignesh asks what he is doing. Karan removed the paint stain with the prepared chemical. Karan thinks who will clean Ria’s face.
Jignesh complains to his friends that Sohani isn’t picking her call anymore. Karan says that girl will remember him while removing the paint.
Ria tells her friend that her skin is all so stretchy.
At home, a girl mixed brandy, shampoo and salts in water bucket. Ria enters the house, the girl threw the whole water bucket over her. Her friends ask the girl who she is, she is introduced at Anaita. Anaita comes and rubs Ria’s hair. Ria’s face was all cleaned up, she looks up and is shocked to see Anaita, then recalls Anushka from the past.
Ria says she is Ria’s Anaita and Anaita’s Ria. Ria’s mother asks them to come inside and what they will like to have. Anaita asks her juice, she says that she has messed up the house so she will first clean Ria, then this house then thinks that it will get really late so she asks the girls to clean it up. Sohani brings about floor cleaner from her bag. They head inside. In the room, Ria asks Anaita Ria says she had missed her so much. Anaita tells Ria she has the same picture. Ria recalls how they always forgot the world and enjoyed together. Ria asks about her father, Anaita says right now he is trying to get transferred in Poonay. Ria cheers and say she won’t let her go anywhere now.
Anaita sends Ria to washroom, her friends come to Anaita and says they know Ria in and out. Anaita calls Ria to open the door, she goes inside. Ria asks why she came in. Anaita says she wanted to tell her dumb and dumbest that she is the most important person in her life. Anaita offers to shampoo her hair. In the washroom, Anaita asks Ria how is her irregular heartbeat. Ria says it is better, but this is strange that confronting the boy that played prank with her, her heart beat gets irregular. Anaita asks what is he? Ria says he seems to be a spoilt brat, she doesn’t want to study with any such person. Anaita says she will teach him good lesson.

PRECAP: Anaita tears Jignesh’s clothes, they were all left in shock. Anaita says the one who sides wrong is also wrong. Ria watches Karan and Anaita on the roof, and says she won’t leave him if he doesn’t something wrong to Anaita. Karan flirts with Anaita, takes her in arms and throws her off the roof.

Update Credit to: Sona

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