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Mastaangi 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita asks the doctor how Karan is and she says that he is out of danger but has to be kept under watch for 24 hours. Anaita says that as Ria left Karan got well when Jignesh comes and asks her to meet Karan as he has asked for her and they can’t ignore any of his demands. On the other hand Ria is going in her cab and there is a lot of traffic in the way.
Anaita goes and meets Karan and asks how he is and Karan says that he is well and wants to get better but I don’t think that you want to me to get better. He asks the Anaita if she took any letter from the nurse which was meant for him. Anaita says No when the nurse explains of what she did, Anaita says there is a misunderstanding, and Karan asks again and then tells the nurse to leave. He says to Bhabi that you were right and asks her to

take over. Everyone grabs her and Bhabi finds the letter in her pocket and Jignesh tells her to get lost and Karan reads the letter. The letter says to Karan to forget her and by the time he reads it she would be very far from him and she has thought about this a lot and asks her to forget her. Ria approaches and waits at the station while Karan reads the letter and cries. Looking at everyone he says Ria left and tells everyone to find her. Jignesh says to Karan that I have a plan and I’ll complete your love story. Ria is heading towards the bus and thinks about Karan and her.
Trumpet and Sohani come to Ria’s house and ask where Ria is, her parents say that Ria is not well and she is resting and will talk to you when she gets better. Trumpet says that Karan is a great friend of ours and Ria is his life and we want the two of them to be together. Her father says that Ria is not well and she’ll talk to you when she gets better. Sohani asks for a glass of water when her mother looks away and they run inside the house. Ria gets on the bus still thinking about Karan and says that till I find the truth about our past I can’t let you come close to me as I am the one who broke your trust and asks him to forgive her.
Trumpet and Sohani are searching Ria in her room and ask where she is. Her father says that he can’t tell them even if he wanted. Sohani says that why can’t you tell us, do it for Ria’s sake as she loves Karan. Her father says that I am with my daughter on this one while her mother says that I am with her love and says that you should also listen to what she is saying and why should she give a sacrifice in such a little age and tells her friends of where Ria is headed.
Jignesh comes and tells Karan where Ria is going and he wants to come with her as well. Bhabi says that you are still hurt while Karan says that he’ll take care of himself while Ria’s bus leaves. They stop at a signal and Karan asks the policemen to let him go so that he can complete his love story and he allows him to go. They reach the bus stand and head for the bus and find it empty. The person on the bus says that this is the 7o’clock bus while the bus at 6 already left. Ria looks at the sign and says Bye Karan wish you a great life ahead.
Karan turns back and gets off the bus and thinks about Ria and remembers the pendant she gave to him. He takes the pendant out and sits next to a bus when gets a call from Bhabi. He tells her that Ria left and asks of what he is supposed to do. Bhabi tells him to do what he went to do and say that all buses take a stop while going to Mumbai and tells Jignesh to take care of him and the two of them leave and the chase starts. Jignesh asks him to drive slow while Karan says that the bus will leave. They find the bus and reach beside it and Karan shouts for Ria, while Ria thinks that her ears are buzzing and covers her ears. He overtakes the bus and goes inside.

Precap; Karan goes inside and asks for Ria while she hide behind a chair, a little girl signals Karan to where Ria is and he says to Ria that no matter how much you try I will find you. The people ask them to hurry up and Ria says that she has taken a ticket while Karan says that he’ll also go with them and sits down. Ria agrees to come with him. As soon as Karan gets off the bus she closes the door behind them.

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