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Mastaangi 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria tells her friends that her heartbeat got normal at once, as if someone very known was around.
Karan goes laughing with his friends. He tells Jignesh that he can’t impress any girl. Jignesh was upset if he is so bad. Karan says he has no chance in front of girls.
At Ria’s home, her father insists on her while Ria says she had told him she will do her masters from DSC, Delhi Science College, India’s best. Her friends were also there at home. Maa says she thinks Ria must go where she wants to. Her dad says he wants to give her guidance, Stephen’s has the best available facilities. Ria says this all is also in DSC. Her father says her friends won’t be there in DSC. Her friends realize at once that they have got average marks. Ria says this isnt fair, she is emotional now. Her dad

says he didn’t mean to upset her. Ria asks him not to apologize, infact she must say sorry as she was being so selfish. She can’t think about leaving her friends behind. Her friends say that she totally deserve it, if she wants to go she must. She has to make them all proud. Her dad says that they want her to stay in front of their eyes. He asks her to take admission, if she dislikes they will get her admitted somewhere else.
Karan’s sister in law tells him that his brother wants him to get in some better college than Stephen. Karan says Stephen is a good place, he is an adult now and he will only do what he wants to. He says his better future is where his friends are. If she wants him to go lonely, depressive and suicidal. His sister in law smiles, she asks him not to do this drama and that because of these idiots. She mocks Jignesh calling him matchstick, despo who always indulge in friends book. The other one is a girl but behaves like a boy only. Karan says he will only go where his friends and Euro go, his sister in law says Euro’s father is a trustee in college and a billionaire. Karan cheers and announces that they will go to Stephen.
Ria’s mother gets pasta for girls. Ria’s father comes there with their forms filled. Ria says she doesn’t still feel good about it. Her father says alright, she must go to shopping then as it makes girls feel good. Ria cheers. Her mother says she isnt going to give her any money to buy people things. Her father says her mother is right, she must go to swimming but then silently hands her a credit card. Ria cheers and hugs him.
Euro was in swimming pool, Karan calls him and to give him a venue. Euro arrives and looks around. Karan and friends laugh, he asks if it was a prank. He asks if they know what he has left, four girls that too hot. Jignesh asks Euro what cologne he uses. Euro mocks him. Karan asks Euro not to mock him. Karan says to Euro that he needs a favour, his brother will get him admitted somewhere else if they don’t get admission in Stephens. His father is a trustee so he must speed the process up. Euro agrees.
Ria comes to same café with friends. She sits back to back with Karan, her heartbeat skips again. Karan also feels her presence. Both turn on opposite sides to see behind them, couldn’t face each other. Ria’s friend gossip about a girl’s dressing, she shows Ria her new dress. Ria drapes it over her, but it goes at Karan’s face. Ria gets up to remove it from his face, it was stuck in his shades. Ria is moved, Karan curtly asks her to do it quick. Ria sits back after she gets the cloth off his face. Karan asks his friends to go somewhere else, he doesn’t feel comfortable here. He says he never felt this heavy and uneasy. Ria also thinks she never felt this way before.

PRECAP: Ria recalls that she just had an eye contact with that boy, and her heartbeat got regular. Ria comes to college, a bucket of colour fell over her. Karan asks her to mark this date when she came face to face with K. He leaves on bike.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Scipt amaze me bt please dont try to drag like other indian job @sona well done

  2. Mastaangi is said to telecast from mon to sat . Why is it not yet telecast on sat

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