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Singhania is talking to the Principle and says that I am very happy that I contributed to the future of this nation. He further says that students of your college are very bright and will grow soon especially those two performers who performed the other night. The principle says both are very good students and thanks Singhania for helping out and says by paying the bills you made your place in everyone’s heart. Sighania says that he is a very brave student and that girl Ria is a very sharp girl. He says that I want to do something for the moral boost of the two of them. Principle asks of what does he wants to do.
Karan comes and sits with Ria and says that I did the right thing saying yes to Anaita. Ria says that of course you did the right thing, Anaita is a nice girl and will keep her partner

very happy. Anaita comes and gets jealous and takes Karan away thinking in her mind that Ria is always near Karan. She tells Karan that I told you stay alert from Ria as she is not a trustworthy person and will hurt you as well. Karan thinks of Ria just said about the two of them and says that she isn’t like that for how much I know about her she is very sweet and caring. Anaita says that’s what my point is. She says that when I was buying a gift for you she didn’t buy any but when I gave it to you she suddenly came forward with that good luck charm, why is that. Karan asks why, and Anaita says because she wants to look good in everyone’s eyes, she further says that I wont tell you to stop being friends with her but its my duty to tell you as you are very special to me and now even more.
Ria comes and apologizes first and says that there is a call for you. The two of them have a confress call from the principle who says that you two have been invited by the trusty Singhania to his Villa. The principle says that it’s a privilege to even come in his eyes. The two of them agree to visit him tomorrow. After the call ends the Principle tells Singhania and he says that I am anxiously waiting for them.
Anaita says that how does it feel like that you two were talking to the same caller. Ria is about to answer when Karan lies and says that it was my brothers call and whenever he is with his colleagues I call him Sir and tomorrow I have city for my brothers work and it might take the whole day, I don’t know much.
Later Ria comes to Karan and says that why did you lie to her about the two of us going to Snghani’a house. She says that at first you used her as a catalyst to become friends with me and now you are lying to her. Karan says that she is your BFF right so you should know how she would feel about the two of us going alone to Singhani’a house. She would either feel unsecure or jealous. Karan says that she doesn’t know how to hide her feeling so she would either call me the whole day or stop us from going, so I thought that instead of ruining the day of three people why not lie a little. Ria says that she is not lying to Anaita and will tell Anaita. Karna says that what is your problem, and says that tell her about your plans but not mine as he doesn’t like anyone to interfere in his life. Ria agrees with him and says that what is this girl doing in the 21st century.
Ria says that she doesn’t wants to go there as she feels really uncomfortable near Singhania, Karan says that it’s the principles orders. Anaita comes to the room and says what are you two doing here. Karana says that the thing is that there is only bathroom in this place and who has to go will come here, as there is no other option. Ria tells Anaita about where she is going and Anaita says that why does it feels like that the two of you are going to the same place. Karan says that why don’t you ask her, Ria says that I am going to Singhania’s house and you ask him about his trip. Karan says that he is going because of his brothers’ work and leaves with Anaita.
In the morning, Singhania says to his men that he doesn’t wants any mistakes this time and asks for the reports. His men says that they will come in while and He turns around and says that I am anxiously waiting for the two of you.
Karan is with Trumpet and Jignesh and taking out some clothes from the closet. Jignesh says to Trumpet that we should have a party about Karan going with Ria. Trumpet says that how much you will party and says that I am waiting for the time when Anaita finds about it. Jignesh says that Karan your life is just like mine as you are stuck with two girls just like me. Karana mocks him while Jignesh says that I don’t want to make a mistake like you did. Karan says that what mistake, and Jignesh says that everyone knows that you have made a mistake by picking Anaita. Karan says that he is just giving it a shot and he can’t break anyone’s heart. Jignesh says sometimes it’s good to listen to your heart. Karan says that it’s also that I don’t know her while Trumpet says that you will know about her in this trip
Anaita is trying to call someone while Ria is getting ready for the trip and Sohani and Vanditta are fighting about Jignesh. Ria says that he is not worth it as if he was he would have taken a stand for the anyone of you. Anaita calls Karana who says that I am going for the trip and stop calling me like a typical girlfriend. Ria hugs Anaita and says that I am leaving for the farm house. Anaita says that keep distant from this Ishan Rai Singhani, his is kind of a weirdo. Karan says that he is has to go and in some places there are no signals so don’t worry.
Karan blocks Ria’s car and says that since are going to the same then why go alone. He says that If I go alone I might get into an accident, which might land into a hospital and if I go there you will get worried. He says that if we go together then I will entertain you and you know that I am the best entertainer. He takes her bag and drags her to his car and they leave for the trip together.
On their way Ria falls asleep in car and Karan brushes her hair aside from her face and gets a flashback about the two of them. Ria wakes up as Karan tries to block the sun from her eyes. She stands up and enjoys the road. The car stops and Karan checks the engine, Ria looks back and when Karan closes the engine she is not there. He looks around and shouts her name and finds her sitting and says that what is she doing there.

Precap: Karan and Ria arrive at Singhani’a house who says that will stop this game now and I think it’s time to play it out in the open and says that what is that thw two of you want from me.

Update Credit to: Sona

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