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Ria was in still in her room, Riki comes in. He asks Ria not to overthink, Ria wish to see Karan practicing, he is hurt and may be in pain. Riki gives her a chocolate from Karan for her, and confesses he has already eaten one out of the two. She takes the chocolate, Riki smiles watching her from outside.
Karan practiced with Veer, Jignesh shows them the banner. Singhania was moved by Euro’s moves against him.
Veer comes behind Anaita, she asks what he is doing in girl’s hostel else she will call security. The warden comes in, and explains Anaita Veer is staff member of college and has taken permission for laundry in girl’s hostel until their washing machine is fixed. Veer puts his clothes in the machine, Anaita tells him she is already using the machine. Veer takes his shirt off, saying

her clothes are still outside the machine. Anaita sits nearby and smiles watching Veer. He takes his white shirt to see it color stained in yellow, Anaita laughs saying her underwear was already in there.
Riki calls Ria, Jigyasa and Sohani come there. Riki speaks to Ria, Jigyasa wonders she must now end this drama, Ria is really sharp. Sohani asks Jigyasa if she likes Riki, Jigyasa makes up she is still upset because of her older breakup. Sohani takes a photo of Jigyasa and Riki together, hand in hand.
Anaita was up in the terrace putting her clothes for drying, Veer comes out. Anaita takes the space on robe when all of a sudden her shirt goes flying. Veer pushes her clothes aside, both have an arguing confrontation.
Karan stops Ria in the way reminding her of his vow, he won’t start the fight until she will come cheering him up. Ria repeats she won’t come. Karan says whenever he is in pain she always come, she won’t be able to stop herself. Ria says that just like her older decision about staying away from him, she will stick to this one too. Karan requests her to come. Ria moves away, then turns thinking she loves him, its difficult being rude to him but she has to.
Veer explains to principal this is harassment case. Anaita complains he snatched her stroller off her shirt and then put her clothes out of washing machine. Veer explains he snatched the stroller to clean the paint from his shirt that she had spread, she again ruined his shift by throwing a stone in mud; later on she mixed her clothes with his and ruined his shirt. Principal explains Veer is an ex-army officer, he joined their college for its discipline and orders Anaita to apologize. Anaita assures Principal eyeing Veer this won’t happen again. Veer takes leave from Principal hoping Anaita realized her mistake.
Outside the office, Anaita tears all the notices from notice board apart. Veer comes from behind, she warns him not to be flying high, she will soon ruin his smile.

PRECAP: Singhania tells Euro Karan needs training, Karan was determined to particiapate

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mastaangi is outstanding.Karan n ria gud pairs

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