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Ria goes to Karan’s room and sees him unconscious and wipes her tears remembering of how he got there and leaves, walking across the corridor of the hospital thinking of what Anaita said and says that I won’t let this happen again and this has to end. She says our love story is not meant to be and I have to go away from Karan forever. The doctor checks and says that Karan’s heartbeat are still critical.
Everyone comes and asks Bhabi about Karan and then they notice that Ria is not there. Sohani calls her but she ends the call and they notice Anaita sitting there as well. Ria is with her parents and says that she is bad for Karan and is going to leave Puna forever. Her father tries to convince her that she didn’t intend to hurt him and all of those were accidents, while Ria says that she

did as the guy in her nightmares is Karan and tells him that she shot him and this time wont let this time happen. She says that Karan and I are cursed and I don’t know how this happened but one thing I know for sure that I am bad luck for Karan. Her father asks her to wait at least for the session while Ria says that she can’t stay here anymore and she has to leave now and can’t put her luxuries ahead of Karan’s safety and has to leave now.
Ria is standing by the window when her father comes and hands her a document. Sohani calls Ria again and everyone is waiting at the hospital while Ria cuts the sim from her phone and starts packing. The next day Ria’s mother comes and finds her sleeping on her bag and says that maybe I can’t feel your pain but see your sacrifice and I am proud of you a lot. Karan starts to gain consciousness.
Ria’s parents come and give her a ticket to Mumbai and her father tells her that I have booked a bus ticket for you, when Sohani and Trumpet come to her house asking for Ria. Her parents say Ria is sick and is resting in her room, Sohani says that Ria isn’t answering her phone from three days so I got worried. Trumpet sees Ria’s shadow and says that give Ria one message that when Karan opens his eyes he’ll say her name and will wait for her. Karan opens his eyes and asks for Ria.
At the hospital Bhabi comes and asks if Ria has come or not, Trumpet says that she hasn’t come. Bhabi says that Karan has asked for Ria several times and I know that she is sick but she could at least give a call. Jignesh says that I don’t understand why she is behaving so strange as well. Anaita comes and says that none of you hasn’t yet understood Ria as she won’t come and why would she. Bhabi says that we don’t need your interference in this conversation. Anaita says that she has no interest to participate in this conversation and I am only clearing the confusion that Karan is in this stage because of Ria. Sohani says that none of this is Ria’s fault and Ria is still cares for him and was the one who brought him here. Anaita says that she is also the one to bring him to such a situation and must be very happy to see him in such a situation. Jignesh says that we don’t need your comments here and we trust Ria a lot and she has a reason not to come here.
The doctor comes and tells that the patient has gained consciousness and asks them to meet him but not to give him any stress. Anaita says that I just hope that Ria never comes close to Karan again.
Singhania is scolding his men saying that how did Karan survive and Ria is just a little girl. Euro comes clapping and says that when I failed to take revenge on Karan I didn’t how to face you, but today I feel really comfortable seeing you fail and leaves. The man says that this time I will handle the business and Singhania starts beating him up with a belt. And says that who are these two and why are they in front of me again.
Everyone comes to meet Karan and the doctor says that he is a lucky man as the knife didn’t penetrate any organs just cut the flesh. Everyone wishes him good luck while Bhabi cracks a joke and says that we are very proud of you. Karan asks where Ria is and asks why she didn’t come and asks why no one is saying anything. Trumpet says that her parents told us that she is sick while Ria comes to the hospital and gives the nurse a letter to give to Karan tomorrow. Anaita sees Ria giving the letter and takes it from the nurse. Karan says that something is wrong and says that it look as if Ria is going away from me. Karan asks someone to call her or meet her while Sohani says that we did try it. Ria is leaving the hospital and looks back and says take care Karan and leaves in her car.

Precap: Anaita says that after Ria left Karan is out of danger when Jignesh comes and says that Karan wants to meet you. She comes in her room when Karan says that I don’t think you want me well and the receptionist is also there explaining that Anaita took the letter from her. Anaita says that she didn’t took the letter when everyone grabs her and Bhabi takes out the letter and gives it to Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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