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Ria looks at her hands in which she thought about having a revolver. She gets afraid again, her father checks on her pulse and says everything will be normal. Ria says they have tried everything in Psychiatry. Her dad says he daily solves the problem of so many patients, but he is helpless in his daughter’s case. Ria says she has been facing in since her eighteenth birthday, revolver in her hand and a body felling on the floor. It somehow connects to her heart. Her mom asks her not to think much about it. Ria says she wants to get over it all.
There was Pooja going on, a young lady calls Karan out of washroom to Pooja as his brother is calling him.
Ria asks her dad if he is sure this isn’t connected to anything, her dad says it is true that our dreams are connected to our past, but she

can’t do it. She used to say sorry to plants before plucking their flowers. Ria says she wish it remains as a dream, she doesn’t want to confront it.
Karan’s brother comes to call him out of washroom. He asks them to go, he will just join them. Karan comes out of washroom wrapped in towel. He drinks from the jug, the girls left jaw dropped. The brother asks what he is doing. His sister in law says he is a kid and doesn’t know how to wear a Dhoti. Karan Malhotra sits in Pooja, he says to his brother that he had given an ultimatum of 20 seconds, else in 10 seconds he would have come without a towel. The girls take selfies with Karan, his brother asks him to go and wear clothes. Karan says now he is enjoying Pooja. His brother offers him money, Karan snatches his wallet and runs away. His brothr holds the towel, it comes off. Everyone shut their eyes, Karan goes to his room with the wallet.
Ria was in her room when a parcel arrives for her. Her mother asks them to keep it there. Ria is excited and calls her father. She gives gift to her mother and takes out all the gifts for everyone she had ordered. She gifts him a book, the Science of Philosophy. Her mother asks why she never buys gifts for herself, she says she will when she would need anything. Her parents boast that she only know how to keep others happy.
Ria come to college, water seeped from the rooftop, and she puts in a dry plant under it.
A young man comes to college, snatches a running man’s watch from him. He brings out a band, sits on a bench with a girl and introduces himself as Jignesh. He tries to flirt with a girl who runs away. He walks with another girl trying to flirt with her who dumps him down on floor. Karan comes to Jignesh and mocks him. Jignesh gets with Karan on bike. They have a bike race on the roads, Jignesh asks Karan to speed up and show him his potential. They race competitively. Karan wins the race finally, stops the bike and let the other biker go ahead. Jignesh gets off the bike, Karan leaves. The competitor was a girl. Karan come to him, Jignesh comes with someone else. Karan says that this is a girl and their friend, Jignesh asks who the girl here is. The girl clutches his face, he says he was just saying that she bikes really well. They give each other high five.
Ria’s friends come to meet her, Ria gives them their gifts. One of the friend asks when she will stop giving them these fancy gifts.
Ria’s parents discuss that she got admission in post-graduation but she might not go there. Her dad says he will talk to her. He says to his wife that he is trying hard to figure out what is behind Ria’s dreams.
Karan and his friends walked on the path Ria and friends were coming on. Both pass each other. Ria miss a heartbeat, turns to look around but can’t figure out what was the vibe about. Her friends come back and asks what happened. Ria says her irregular heartbeat got regular, as if someone known was around.

PRECAP: Ria says to her dad that she doesn’t want to go to the new college. Karan’s sister in law force him to join the same college. In the café, Ria’s stroller goes up on Karan’s head. She recalls him as the boy in her dream.

Update Credit to: Sona

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