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Karan comes out of the room, Veer had left already and no was there. He hid behind the balcony wall, Karan locked the door. Veer wonders why Karan resembles Kabir so much when his father and brother don’t. She thinks about Kabir and Udita’s bodies during Tabahi mission. Karan was practicing boxing, Veer corrects his shoulder position, stops him and asks if he still has so much aggression even when he is injured. Karan was determined about beating Euro. Veer asks about him. Karan introduces himself as someone whose parents died young, who didn’t believe in love still fall in love. He asks if he believes in rebirth, Karan says he doesn’t; this theory has kept him and Ria away. Veer shares with him that may be he got this from his past life, Karan repeats he only wants to teach Euro’s father a

lesson as well. Veer promises to train him, then thinks he would discover such things about Karan that he wouldn’t know himself.
In the college, Karan stops Ria’s way. He drags her hand away. Karan informs her about his coaching classes with Veer. Ria thinks she can’t encourage him, his hand is already injured, then says she won’t come. Karan tells her he won’t touch Euro and only get beaten up until she comes to buck him up. Ria leaves, thinking she can’t encourage him because she cares and is worried. Karan feels at heart she would come.
Euro worked hard, panting. Singhania asks him to work hard and focus. Euro was determined to take revenge from that Karan. Singhania advices him to be patient. Euro needs a coach, to learn some special skills. Singhania promises to be his special coach, will train him to take revenge from Karan; he would have to promise him to focus. Euro asks when to begin, Singhania says right now. Euro wraps his hands with bandage, Singhania instructs him while Veer works with Karan.
Karan texts Ria he won’t fight until she comes, she texts back not to participate then.
The next morning, Karan jogged while Veer moves along in car. Euro goes the last minute workout. Ria watches Karan practice, he watches her and tells her he was waiting for her, if she won’t come cheering him up he will keep beaten up by Euro. Ria leaves.
Anaita claps for Karan’s effort saying she knew he would take part in boxing. She gives him a luck card, he thanks that she is the only one who supports him in anything he does. Veer comes behind reminding him about no breaks allowed. Karan heads back to practice, Veer asks Anaita if she has to learn boxing, no? Anaita says she only knows she has nothing to learn from him. Veer orders her to get out. He looks at Karan’s card, Karan tells him she isn’t bad at heart, there was something wrong but now she is back on track. Veer thinks everything isn’t back on track.
Karan texts Ria again Ria replies him the same. He was sure she would come.

PRECAP: Karan reminds Ria his vow, Ria repeats her words. Karan boasts she always say so, and he knows this time also she would.

Update Credit to: Sona

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