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Ria says that this is no time to discuss any of this and you are just wasting your time, its better that you leave. Anaita asks her to stop and says that I have found some new things with the PLR sessions and Ria asks what. The driver asks if he can leave and Anaita tells him to go. Ria says that you can’t do this and I can make my decisions myself, Anaita says that do what you want but you are not responsible for Karan’s state while Ria says that I don’t want to talk about this and Anaita says that if Karan is even a bit better it’s because of you. Ria asks of what she wants to say and Anaita explains that you have always protected Karan and I am so amazed that I you never found about this and try and understand that there is no point in leaving.
On the other hand Karan’s heartbeat goes

to zero, Jignesh calls the doctor who try to bring his heartbeat back. Anatia says to Ria that if you leave maybe something worse can happen to Karan and maybe if you leave Karan could…, Ria gets a call from Sohani who is crying and she says that Karan is no more. Anaita asks of what happened while Ria can’t say anything and says to Sohani that this can’t happen while Sohani says that the doctors are still trying. Ria runs with the phone in her hand and says that I am coming to the hospital, Veer also comes to the room. Ria is still running and Sohani calls her saying that the doctors have said that Karan is no more.
Ria says that let me talk to him and tells Sohani to put the phone on speaker, Ria says to Karan that why did you take that good luck charm and you promised me that you won’t also said that you would be two steps behind me but where are you, Anaita is running towards Ria while she says to Karan that you said that you will fix my broken smile right so where are. She yells at Karan to talk to her and that he can’t leave her now. Ria says that I know you love me a lot and I have felt that and please don’t take that from me and don’t leave me. She yells saying that talk to me and answer me, you can’t break your promise and though I have never said but I love you a lot. She says that there is no reason for me to live without you and goes to the top of a building. She says that what happened in the past life was right. Veer says that come here right now while Ria says that let me just to talk to him, and says that you said we are together for lifetimes and in this life you are the reason for my death because you aren’t talking to me. I don’t know who took our lives but you are the reason now. Veer says that you are in the wrong state of mind and Jignesh says that this is wrong. Ria says that there is nothing wrong in love and says that she knows what to do. Veer says that think about your parents for once while she says that apologize to them for me they will understand. She throws the phone and walks towards the edge.
Anaita gets a call from Jignesh who tells her that Ria is about to suicide and tells her to save her. Anaita says that she was here with me and sees her on the top and runs in the building. Ria remembers her moments with Karan in this life and the other and Karan takes a breath and Veer yells for the doctor. Anaita comes on the roof, and Veer instantly calls Ria but then calls Anaita who also doesn’t answer. Anaita grabs Ria and says do you know how stupid this is, they tussle as Anaita tries to stop her and slaps her as well. Sohani comes and tells her that Karan is alive. Bhabi is crying and says that what kind of doctor are you who said that Karan was dead while the doctor says that this can’t be explained and this is against science and things are now great and he is improving. The doctor says that the clot is healing and he is getting better now.
Ria is sitting next to Karan and says that thank you that you came back you don’t know the moment when you weren’t here, you gave me my life back. Anaita says that you should also thank yourself as it is because of you that he came back to life. Bhabi comes and yells at Ria and says that why are you here while Anaita says that you are taking this wrong, If Karan is alive it’s because of her. She explains that when the doctors gave up on Karan Ria didn’t. Bhabi can’t believe it and Anaita explains further and Veer says that She talked to him on the phone. Anaita further says the three of us remember our past lives and Udita always saved Karan. Bhabi asks of why is Karan in this state now, she says that I don’t care of what happened in your past life all I know is that he is in this state only because of Ria. She tells all of them to leave and says to Ria that if you care even a bit about Karan than just leave. Anaita leaves with Ria and Bhabi sits down next to Karan.
Ria comes out and Sohani hugs her and says I am glad that you are Okay and the two of them leave. Jignesh thanks God for this wonder and asks if anyone would believe them. Veer says that no one knows how this miracle happened not even the doctors. Anaita says this is happening because of Ria and her love and faith and I know that you were here when the doctors declared him dead, and when he came back. Veer says that he also thought of this but after listening to Bhabi…., Anaita says that can’t you see this that he is alive only because of Ria’s love. Veer says that you didn’t let me finish while Jignesh asks them not to fight. Veer says that no one is fighting while Anaita disagrees. Veer says that he is only saying that it might not be the reason, Anaita says that this is the reason. Veer says excuse me and Anaita says excused you may leave, Veer says that what did you say and Anaita says that you are an emotionless person, stiff just like a punching bag. Veer stops her and says that who are you to judge me? Anaita says that why don’t you judge as you are a teacher faculty. Veer says that it is right he does has the right and he could have told you that you are stupid to believe in these fairy tales. Anaita says that you are a moron and leaves and Veer says that what the hell was that?

Precap: Singhania says to Veer that you know how many people die in a blast as you were in the army weren’t you so keep your voice down. Veer says that you have planned a nuclear explosion, Singhania says that he waited 20 years nothing below a nuke suits him.

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