Mastaangi 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka tells her maa that he loves someone else, she says she is just a blo*dy friend for him and nothing else. Her maa doesn’t get her. Anushka says she loves him so much, and he only considers her a friend. She hysterically cries that he has only made her a gossip magazine headline that we are just friends. She cries that I love you damn it, why you do this to me?
The officer questions his men who tell him that they got an email from an unknown address but couldn’t trace the IP address. The officer says they must find about it, this hard disk is really important for them. And that girl too.
Zubair boasts that he is a genius, Udita will kill Kabir and RAW will kill Udita. No one will get to him ever.
Maa tells Anushka that these hard breaks are part and parcel of youth life,

Anushka asks her to leave her alone for a while. The officer calls Anushka and asks to bring about some more details about Udita, they have found some information against her. Anushka says Kabir trusts her blindly, but the officer says he isn’t right.
Kabir waited for Udita, she comes behind. Kabir says it is said that true love has the power to bring your love to you. Udita was broken, she asks what betrayal in love then is. Why people play with other’s emotions then? Kabir says the misunderstandings let them apart. Udita says love makes one blind. Kabir says it is said that the heart never lies, so in love one must shut eyes and listen to one’s heart. Udita says she knows, only humans lie. Kabir says to Udita that he has to tell her something, he hasn’t done this before and he doesn’t know how she will react but from now on he doesn’t want to hide anything from her. He kneels down in front of her with the ring. Udita points the revolver at him, he is shocked.
Anushka runs out of the hotel, ma runs behind her but Anushka drives away. Kabir jokes with Udita about the gun, but since she was serious he gets concerned. He asks what is this all, why is she so serious? He asks if she is playing some prank with him.
Anushka thinks how Kabir can break her heart so easily.
Udita asks Kabir why he did so. Kabir asks what? What is wrong with her. Udita asks why with her. Kabir says she must have a misunderstanding? Udita remembers Zubair’s words about taking revenge of her brother’s murder. Kabir explains to Udita that she must have a misunderstanding. Udita fires the bullet straight in Kabir’s chest. Kabir fell down on the floor. Anushka gets by his side, calling his name. She cried for Kabir to open his eyes. Udita stood lost. Anushka asks Udita what she has done, she cries that her Kabir was the biggest support of her life, her happiness. Udita points the gun at Anushka. Anushka asks now she wants to kill her now, if she kills her she won’t also live. Anushka points the gun at Udita, she asks why she did this? If she had to end his life, why she came into his life? She asks Udita why she has done that. Else she will kill her, as Udita doesn’t deserve to live. No matter she has to die, but she won’t leave Udita alive. There is a gun fire.
21 years later, a girl wakes up from the nightmare. She breaks the glass of water on the floor, gets down the bed and opens the curtain. Her parents come to her with medicine, and asks if she is feeling better. Her mother asks if she had the same dream again. She tears the wind chime on the window. That girl is Ria Sharman.

PRECAP: Ria recalls the dream that she is pointing a gun at a man, he fell down. She doesn’t know who he was or who he is. A girl’s look in awe at a young man. There is bike race between youngsters.

Update Credit to: Sona

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