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Ria leaves confessing herself to be a bad one. Karan questions Jignesh to make her upset, while Sohani backs Jignesh. He asks everyone to make their moods good now, holds Jignesh’s hands asking him to sit beside and smile, apologizing. Riki comes there and complains no one ever thinks what pain Ria herself is going through, he reminds Karan all what Ria is doing is for him. Ria believes in rebirth, she is struggling alone; they are neither with her nor supporting or understanding her though she always support and care for Karan. He accuses Jignesh, Sohani and Anaita to only care about Karan, they don’t consider Ria’s pains.
There, Ria comes inside and burns her hands over candle flames just like Karan.
Riki asks Karan what kind of love is this, he doesn’t understand what Ria has been

going through. They need to think again what actual friendship is.
Ria vows to make Karan’s love as her strength, not her weakness. Riki gets her on the way out, they head towards home when Jignesh comes apologizing Ria with stickers all over his face. He does sit stands, Sohani also comes with flowers. Ria smiles at them as Jignesh swirls her around. Karan arrives and watches them enjoy from a distance. He can see Ria’s hand burnt, he wonders till when Ria will hurt herself whenever he is hurt. Ria thinks may be till she doesn’t find a solution to their truth.
Veer watches them enjoying together, wondering what truth will take them to his answers but whatever it is, it has its way here. Anaita watches him, and thinks about teaching him a lesson for his attitude. There was a mud pond on the road, she picks up a brick and throws it on the mud pond. Veer’s face is filthy with mud, Anaita eyes him.
Riki puts ointment over Ria’s burnt hand, she feels bad and asks if he is hyper because he had to drive today. Riki says he knows it was done deliberately. Ria doesn’t want to talk about it, Riki asks if she thinks she only hurts herself, but everyone around her is hurt. Ria was upset that she can’t share love with Karan, she might share pain as well. Riki was determined to make her listen to her.
Jignesh complains Bhabi about Karan, Bhabi questions Karan who would do this until he makes Karan up. Veer makes a video from the balcony of this conversation.
Jigyasa comes to Sohani’s apartment, gets a call from her and informs she is just outside her apartment. Sohani serves her with drink and goes out. She throws her dress over Jigyasa while changing. Jigyasa was shocked first then cries, hugging Sohani she broke up with her boyfriend. He calls him innocent and cute, still they had different expectations with life. Sohani understands. Jigyasa boasts about being able to read faces, Sohani asks to read hers. Jigyasa guesses that she loves cooking for the ones she loves. Sohani was impressed by Jigyasa, she makes a video call to Ria introducing Jigyasa to Ria. Jigyasa reads Ria’s mind that past life is involved in their love story, they were first enemies, then became lovers, and she wants to go away from Karan because of this love. Ria asks to meet Jigyasa personally.
Veer breaks into Karan’s house searching the drawers and files, and watches old photo albums. A vase fell on floor and wakes Karan up who comes out of his room. Veer was shocked.

PRECAP: Euro vows he has to take revenge from Karan and needs a special boxing coach. Singhania was ready to coach him. Karan tells Ria he won’t touch Euro until she comes to cheer him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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