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Mastaangi 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita says that Kabir told her that he was going to propose to Udita when she gets a call from Varen Sir about the Udita and tells her to check on the girl again and her mother found a gun in her bag. The doctor tells her to relax and says that you are Anaita now, she wakes up screaming. Bhabi is roaming walking worried outside the O.T and Ria goes to her and says that I am scared for Karan and Bhabi says that why are still here. Bhabi says that you should leave if you are scared for him, the doctor comes out and says that due to a blood clot in his brain he is coma. Veer says that there must be some solution while the doctor says that there is no solution. Bhabi blames Ria for everything and says that he always told me that you were bad luck for him but I never felt that, she says that your shadow should

not be near him for his wellbeing. Bhabi says that he is in this state because of you and tells her to leave forever.
Veer says that you weren’t there and it is because of Ria that he is alive otherwise the bullet would have been in his chest. Bhabi says that he was there because of her and tells Ria that if it wasn’t for you than he would have never gone there and tells her to leave forever if she cares for him even a bit.
Anaita takes a pill and asks for the side effects other than side effects and the doctor says that this process effects the mind and heart but after all the tests everything is normal but nothing to worry about it. Anaita asks for the DVD of the session and the doctor says that you can get it tomorrow. Anaita says that she can’t remember properly a few things properly about Kabir and Udita meeting about the proposal site. The doctor says that you said something about Anushka’s mother and then you woke up I don’t know why and as we know that PLR is a science there is no reason behind this but some memories are locked and can’t be restored. Anaita asks when the session can be done again and the doctor says that it can be a few day, we need your heart and mind to settle as pressure can cause mental imbalance. Anaita asks of how she will solve all of this and the doctor says that maybe Anushka’s mother can help in all of this.
Singhania is being beaten up by the police and asking him for the mission Tabahi and what he has been doing the past 20 years while Singhania says that I will tell only one man and that is Veer Singh Shikawar.
On the other hand Ria says to Bhabi that she has to meet Karan for one last time while Bhabi begs her to leave otherwise she would be the end of him. Ria remembers Anaita telling her the same thing and she leaves. Veer comes after her and tells her not to worry, he says that Bhabi is stressed and tells her to go home and I will inform you of the update and when things get settled you can come back. Ria says that there is nothing to come back for and Bhabi is right and this all her fault and she is bad news for him, she has to go where he can’t reach her. Veer tries to stop her but she leaves and Veer gets a call the Singhania wants to meet him and he heads out.
He starts his bike and hits Anaita, she yells at him saying that do you want to kill me. Veer says yes I do but this bike won’t kill you, she says that you never accept your mistake while Veer replies says that you are the one that came in front of my bike. Anaita steps forward and gets dizzy and Veer holds her and asks how she is and Anaita says that she is dizzy because of the PLR sessions. Veer asks if she wants anything and she says that give me poison, Veer yells and says that you can’t talk straight ever can you. Anaita says that I told you that I am feeling dizzy and he asks if she found anything. Anaita says that she has got a lead and that is Anushka’s mother. She says that you must be thinking that it is good that you have no connection to all of this while Veer says that wrong like always I was thinking about my lead. He stops her from going to the hospital and tells her where Ria is and that Bhabi said that Ria is bad luck for Karan and should stay away from me. Anaita says that you didn’t stop Ria and how could you be so insensitive towards the whole thing don’t you feel ashamed, Veer tells her to shut up and says that I tried to stop her, and perhaps you are forgetting that I am the boxing coach for Steven’s not your buddy so don’t take me for granted. Aniata says that you are forgetting that you are doing all of this for your father. Veer says that maybe you are right and I should focus on that rather than wasting time with you and the two of them leaves
Ria is packing her stuff and her mother asks of what is going and tells her to say something so that she can find a solution. She calls a cab and tells him not to be late as she has a flight in 5 hours. Her mother says that when your father was getting transferred you didn’t want to go with him and now you are leaving and asks what the problem is. She asks if there is a fight with Karan, Ria says that it’s not that and nothing can happen to Karan and tells his mom to sell this house and leave forever. Her mother says that you were born here and you are saying to sell this and Ria says that it is better for her to stay away from all of this and finishes packing and says that I must go.
Singhania is being beaten when Veer comes and says that you are being treated well here. Singhania puts an act saying that he doesn’t know anything about the mission and asks Veer to let him go, he then laughs and says that I called you here for a favor. He then abuses the policeman who beats him again while Veer asks him to leave so that Singhania can talk with him. Veer goes to Singhania who says that I didn’t kill them but the person who did is still here and alive. Veer asks of why he would tell him now. Singhania claps and says that you are really smart and there is a price for his location and that is my freedom. Veer says that that is impossible and you are saying all of this because of fear of death. Singhania says that you should be afraid for the death of all your friends and all those people dying.
Ria is waiting for the cab and the person comes and so does Anaita. Anaita comes and says that what are you doing here and my mom told me of where you are going and says I don’t understand why you are doing all of this, Ria says that there is no use to talk about this now as she has made her mind.

Precap: Karan is getting a seizure and Sohania calls Ria saying that Karan is no more.

Update Credit to: Sona

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