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Mastaangi 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka was left upset by Kabir. She says he insulted her because of a girl, she says she won’t leave that girl and swears on that.
Zubair comes to Udita and says he knew she would meet him here. He asks if she is ready for mission Tabahi. Udita says no. he asks if she doesn’t want to know about her brother’s murderer? She says no, she doesn’t want to know about him as well. She will not come to any of his use, she is neither interested in killing someone or his mission. Zubair thinks that he knows something has changed.
Kabir thinks he will propose Udita now.
Anushka tells her officer that there isn’t any proof found but still they can suspect Udita. Kabir comes there, saying hello to his new enemy. He shows her the ring, Anushka asks what this is as she smiles. Kabir says

this ring is for the relation that they share, for the emotions that they have for each other. He says to Anushka that she is the most special girl in his life, though she irritates her abit. But still he loves her. Anushka asks why he didn’t put this ring in his left hand. Kabir shows her another ring, and says right hand ring was for his bestie and left hand ring for his love of life, Udita. Anushka says this mean… Kabir says he has told her I love you for so many times, she doesn’t care. May be if he propose her today, she might trust him. Anushka asks Kabir if he told her about his reality, a RAW agent life is full of dangers. Will she accept him, as girls always want a secure life?
Udita smiled in front of mirror saying she will tell him today how much she loves him. Zubair comes clapping behind her.
Kabir says to Anushka that he will tell her about the truth before proposing.
Zubair tells Udita that in this envelope is the reality of the murderer of a Pakistani soldier. This man snatched the love of her. He says he wants a promise from her that her hands won’t tremble when she will shoot him. He wants her promise again that she had done over the dead body of her brother. Udita promises.
Kabir asks Anushka what her reaction would have been if he had told her about her truth. He says Udita is nice and understanding, she will understand his love. He says their love story be like traditional loves stories. It is said that if one desires for something, the whole universe conspires that for you. Udita is shocked to see Kabir’s photo, Zubair says RAW agent Kabir killed her brother. Udita was taken aback. Zubair says he has trapped her well. She remembers Kabir fighting for her, confessing his love for her. He had wanted her in his life. Zubair says he wanted to reach them through her, he manipulated her so badly that she got against them. He says that she needs to tell this agent what ISI is and what it can do.
Kabir says to Anushka that no one can come between them now. He says I love you so much Udita, she won’t be able to say no to him.
Udita couldn’t find words, she says this isn’t possible. She asks for a proof that Kabir killed her brother. Zubair laughs that he knew about her childish demand, and shows her the images. He asks her if he is a waiter, how he was present in Turkey on the day Imran was killed. He says this is now her decision, if she wants to give her own life in the love of her brother’s murderer or she wants to take his life? He hands Udita a revolver.
Kabir smiled in the car.
Udita fell on the floor, Zubair leaves.
Anushka’s mother asks what documentary is being made in this hotel. She says she missed her so much for the last few days. Anushka was lost. Her mother says she wants to talk to Kabir about her, watches her ring and asks when he gave this to her. Anushka says this is just a friendship ring, Kabir only considers her a good friend and loves someone else. Her maa asks who said this all, did Kabir say this. She says at times there are misunderstandings. Anushka says he loves someone else.
Udita cries watching Kabir’s photos. She thinks how much she loved him, then watches the revolver. She shouted in her cry.

PRECAP: Anushka cried in front of mother. Udita asks Kabir if love is so great, why people betray in love? She points the gun at Kabir who had kneel down in front of her with the ring. He looks up at the revolver in her hand, stands up. Udita fires.

Update Credit to: Sona

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