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Ria says to Karan that why are you doing this, Karan says that don’t ask a question on my question, first answer if this is a drama. Ria takes his hand of the candles and says that this stubbornness of your won’t work, we can’t be together. Later Ria is sitting alone on a bench weeping on what she said again to Karan, denying her feelings to home. She says I am helpless Karan when Riki comes and sits with her asking what happened. Ria says that she needs a small favor and gives Riki a medicine saying that give this to Karan, his hand is burnt but don’t tell him that I sent it.
Anaita is also sitting along remembering what Veer said to her about being a spoil brat and having no friends. Veer comes to her and says that sometimes we should cry, the inner burden is lowered. Anaita tells him

to keep his advice to himself and he says that there is a saying that when the truth comes even giant’s start to stumble, and I guess I have shown you the mirror that’s why are you like this right now. Anaita gets up and says that who the hell do you think you are and what is that you want, you keep saying things about me and just stay out of my way.
Singhania comes to the college with Euro and the Principle welcomes them, Sohani and Jignesh are the first to see them and they inform everybody else. Jignesh goes to Karan who goes straight to Euro, who is boxing and Singhania comes and stands with him. Singhania says to Euro that you should do that to your opponent that, that when they enter the ring they would be scared. Euro says that I know what to do, Karan looks at the Principle who says that all the forms reached on time and nothing can be done.
Singhania says to Euro that this is the right moment and Euro says to Karan that what are you waiting for, if you have the courage then step forward. This is a man to man combat and a not a place for you to impress girls. Jignesh tells Karan to leave with him and Singhania says that listen to the kid. Euro says that if it was Ria than she would give the sane advice and I already have to take revenge from Ria and will leave her of nowhere and what will you do nothing, just like right now. Jignesh asks him to leave as Euro is doing all of this to provoke you and Karan says that I am doing this for Ria and starts wearing gloves. Singhania leaves as the Principle has to talk with him.
Karan says that we will know right now on whom will see, their fight starts but Karan’s hand is already hurt and he is not able to fight. Euro puts him in a hold and starts beating him. Veer is asking the police officer about the 1995 case while he says that it’s hard to tell. Karan is getting badly beat up and when Jignesh comes to Veer and he goes with him. Euro is about to land another punch when Veer stops him and pushes him away. He says to Euro that champions fight their equal not the hurt or weak, he tells him to be a man and fight in front of the college admin and tells him to get lost. Veer comes and asks Karan if he is fine and Karan turns around and Veer is shocked to see that face again. Karan thanks Veer and Veer hesitantly shakes his hand. Everyone else comes as well asking Karan if he is fine and Veer sees Anaita and all of them leave.
Veer says that these people are calling him Karan and wonder if this is the mystery he was looking for and if luck brought him here and if his mission would complete here. He quickly goes and checks Karan’s file and says that this is not Kabir but this is no coincidence he has some connection with me.
Jignesh puts Karan on a bench and Anaita helps him in aiding Karan. She tells Karan to tilt his head and asks for tissues and water and keeps scolding Karan for fighting Euro. She sees Ria worried and Riki asks Karan of why he did all of this as he was already hurt. Jignesh yells and says that Karan did all of this for Ria because Euro was talking trash about Ria. He stands up and says that Karan did all of this for you and you know that, he says that the solution is not distressed it is to stay with him and to calm him down, instead of making him feel insecure it’s to love him. Ria says that you are Right I am very bad.
Euro says to Singhania that if the new coach hadn’t come then I would have killed Karan. Singhania says that it means that he came on the right time, Euro says that you didn’t want me to kill him. Singhania says that if this would have happened I would be very happy and saved you by proving this to be an accident. Euro says that why are you saying that it’s good that coach came. Singhania says that Karan has humiliated you in front of everyone than you must defeat him in front of everyone and his grave should be dug there, Euro says that this is exactly what will happen.
Veer is told by the officer that on 7 July 1995 Kabir’s body was found unconscious and hurt but due to Rain he died before reaching the hospital, and since no one came for him his body was buried here. Veer thanks him for the information and sits near Kabir’s grave with Karan’s file in his hand. He says that these are two different people but why do I think that there is a connection between them.

Precap: Jignesh says to Karan that I can’t see you suffer anymore when Riki comes and says that you guys think that Karan is the only one suffering. He says that whatever she is doing is for your wellbeing, though we don’t believe in this rebirth but she does. Everyone sees Karan’s love, pain and sacrifice what about her. Later Jignesh does sit ups in front of Ria saying Sorry repeatedly, Ria smiles and everyone dances around. Veer is standing at a distance and Anaita says that he needs to be taught a lesson and throws a rock and mud splashes on Veer’s face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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