Mastaangi 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria says that this fight will end with you and what should I call you Zubair or Singhania. He says that I know my son very well and he won’t believe any story you will make. Karan says that let him hear and he’ll chose to believe it or not. Ria says that Ishan Rye Singhania is a fake identity and his real name is Zubair. Veer says that Ria was Udita in the past life an ISI agent who worked for Zubair, Karan was Kabir a RAW agent and Anaita was Anushka Kabir’s best friend and also a Raw agent. Anaita says that Zubair was that man who brought Udita to India for operation tabahi and he used her for his work. Karan says that Kabir and Udita fell in love and though Anushka loved Kabir but she sacrificed and Zubiar instigated Udita to take revenge for her brother’s murder, which meant to kill Kabir and

she went there but she took the bullets out of her revolver but still Kabir died. Veer says that someone was there who fired the shot and Ria says that it was Singhania.
Singhania says that he didn’t fire any bullet on either of them. Ria says that she knows all what you did and you couldn’t stand the two of them falling in love with each other and that’s why you killed them and removed all the evidence and came here. Euro says that what is all of this and is it true, Singhania says that believe me none of this is true. Veer says to Zubiar that your own son is questioning your identity, the game has ended. Karan says that Zubair also planted a bomb in Stevens while in Singhaia’s disguise to fullfil his old dreams. Anaita says that your father has a room in your house where all his files lie and Jignesh says that we saw the room at the party that day, you can check yourself. Euro says that this was behind all of those trips and vacation, if you were a bad guy I would have forgiven you but I don’t know who you even are and don’t know whom to trust anymore. Singhania says that trust me I am your father while Euro says that so far I have but all those names Ria has said you knew them and that can’t be coincidence. He says that to believe them is hard to but to believe you is even harder and the worst part is that you haven’t denied anything.
Singhania says that what do you think that the game has ended and after taking my family you think you have won, No. Suddenly they hear sirens and Anaita says that this is definitely not your victory, Singhania says that this hasn’t ended as your story isn’t complete I didn’t kill Kabir and Udita and I wasn’t there at the cliff and had left for Bombay, you can check the records on Pune airports. Karan says that this is a lie while Singhania says that I am not lying and think what you want. Euro says that what should I believe in you and pushes him and Singhania gets a hold of Karan’s gun and the tables turn around. Singhania says that my biggest mistake wasn’t abandoning the mission on 1995 instead it was letting Kabir live but I will not make that same mistake again. Ria pushes Karan out of the way and he falls unconscious and Veer gets a grip on Singhania. Singhania asks Euro to pick up the hard disk but Euro says that Singhania was his father not Zubair and he has nothing to do in this. Soon the police arrives and arrests Singhania and his men and Veer gives them the drive and tells the officer that this is Zubair Akhtar and ISI commander and this drive also includes the proof for the innocence for Varen Singh Shikawer and tells them to arrest this man. Everyone rushes to check on Karan who is injured.
Karan is in the operation theater and after waiting two hours Ria is blaming herself and says that I have to go and check on him. Veer stops her and tells her to calm down while Ria says that she has to go inside and check what is going on. Veer says that this is a hospital and the doctors are doing their work. Ria blames herself saying that whenever Karan is in a problem she is the reason and Anaita comes up and says that we all know that when you went to meet him that day you emptied your revolver. Bhabi is also listening to all of this and crying as she stands at the door.
Anaita comes to Veer and says that we have to find out what happened that night as Ria is not going to believe this way and we have to end this kill trip of her. Veer says that he knows how get the answers, Anaita is doing on of the PLR sessions and doctor asks what she is seeing. The doctor asks her of how she feels on seeing the two of them together, Anaita says that she feels jealous and can’t see the two them spending time together. The doctor asks again of what happened and she sees Kabir and Udita enjoying together as she watches from a distance. Anaita says that she feels as if Udita was a danger to Kabir but both of them love each other. The doctor asks where she was when Kabir was killed, she remembers Kabir telling her about his plan, with meeting Ria.

Precap: The doctor comes out and Bhabi asks on how Karan is and the doctor says that due to a shot on his head there was a blood clot and now he is coma. Bhabi blames Ria says that you are bad news for him and even your shadow is bad for him and asks her to leave forever.

Update Credit to: Sona

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