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Mastaangi 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan is about to send the text when Ria goes offline. Ria says to herself that what is happening to me as I am trying to stay away from him but I am falling for him. She wonders if she to tell him about their past and wonders if he would get mad and says that at least he would know the truth and then he could take his own call. She gets a call from Karan and decided to meet each other at 10’oclock in a garden. Singhania is also listening to this and says that this will be Ria’s last morning.
The next morning Ria wakes up at 6 and thinks when 10 will strike and says that I hope Karan wont judge me on my past. Karan asks his Bhabi for what shirt to wear and goes to pray for help. Ria leaves the house and Singhania is stalking her and says that she’ll pay for what she did to my son. Ria arrives

at the garden and says that tell him everything today. Karan is already waiting for her, as she walks to him she says that I will tell you everything about us today. Singhania’s men are standing by and say that our work will be done today. Ria is about to tell Karan everything when three armed men come to attack Ria. Karan fights all of them but gets hit on the head during the fight and falls on the ground.
Ria sees the men standing before her when Karan grabs one of their legs and asks Ria to run. She fights back and Karan sees one of them taking a knife out, he calls Ria but as soon as the man is about to stab Ria Karan comes in the way and gets stabbed himself. Ria takes those men out and Karan calls her and he says to her that what has happened and passes out and Ria goes to get help.
Euro asks his father of what has happened and Singhania says that you’ll know about the news soon. Singhania gets a call from his men and they inform him that Ria got away while Karan’s wound is deadly.
Bhabi is with Trumpet and Sohani and says that I have never seen Karan so happy before. Sohani says that Ria also left early and hasn’t told her mom where she is going. Trumpet and Sohani say that they have gone to meet each other and all of them pray that they get along and no one comes between them. Sohani gets a call from Ria and on hearing Sohani shouts. Ria takes Karan to the hospital and says that nothing will happen to you.
Singhania is with his men and slaps them saying that the three of you should die and what am I supposed to do of this useless army, you can’t handle a girl. His men say that if Karan wasn’t there then there wouldn’t be any problem and the girl also knew how to fight and didn’t look like a normal girl. Euro asks of what happened to Karan and they get the report that Ria took Karan to the hospital. His men ensure that Karan won’t survive.
Everyone is at the hospital and Ria says that this is all her fault and explains what happened. Anaita is also listening to all of them from a distance while Bhabi tries to calm them down and asks them to pray. Karan is in surgery and the police men is asking Ria of what happened. The doctor comes out and says that he needs 5 bottle of bloods and asks them to donate to the blood bank as well. Ria asks of how he is and the doctor says that he is serious and leaves. The police men says to Ria that you also signed a document like this a while ago and Karan was the person who got attacked. Everyone then goes to donate blood while Ria cries and washes her face.
She is confronted by Anaita who offers her tissue and says that I can understand and asks of why she puts herself in situations like these. Anaita says that isn’t all if this happening to often and says that can’t you remember all the incidents that happened and in all of them Karan got hurt. Anaita says that what are you waiting for and I know that you are not afraid of anything and asks what she is waiting for. Anaita leaves and Ria thinks of what Anaita just said.

Precap: Ria sees Karan and closes the door, Sohani calls her and she cancels the call. Ria tells her parents that she is going away from the college and the city forever.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. o god will it be the same like the ff of rhimjhim

  2. I love this serial for its twists but how I guess its going a little over board please show some love in this love story <3<3 lov Karan and Ria a lot 🙂

  3. even I was also thinking the same jeffy….
    god….. this can’t happen to karan n ria can’t leave him like this not in this situation….. pls ria don’t leave him….

  4. hey guys i’m also thinking the same.. i started the ff to make it a little different from the original one but the real one is also turning out to be the same… god knows whats ahead… but plz read my ff i need ur comments badly

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