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Mastaangi 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair tells Udita that she must assemble black powder and watch to make a time bomb. Udita was shocked, she says she had a commitment with him that she will do his work and he will get her brother’s murderer. Zubair says his name hasn’t been done yet. Udita says she isn’t a terrorist, she can’t innocent men. Zubair says alright, he will tell the police about her then, and she will have to bear jail torture. Udita cries saying she did this training only to kill her brother’s murderers. Zubair says if she wants her brother’s killer, he will meet her. He tells Udita to dispose this sim card first, he will contact her by himself. He hangs up.
Kabir recalls his fight with Zubair in front of Anushka and his officer. The officer says right now they are monitoring Zubair, but he changes numbers

like clothes. Anushka asks the officer to question him about that girl. The officer says he doesn’t need to cater any stranger, especially girls in such a serious case. Kabir was about to argue, but the officer orders him not to argue.
Udita was asleep by bedside. Kabir climbs up her window. She wakes up and thinks how he knows she needs him. Kabir says she is the one he loves. Udita thinks he is the only reason of her smile and keeps a hand on his from the other side of glass. Kabir thinks why she doesn’t say her heart out. Kabir asks her to open the door, Udita first hides the bomb material by closing the curtains off.
The officer tells Anushka about the call of Zubair. Anushka gets alert and says this appears Zubair is blackmailing someone. The officer says he changed his location abruptly. The officer says the girl’s location is highway road, civil lines. Anushka says that this means she is here around somewhere. The officer asks Anushka to find out who came here last night.
Kabir plays a game with Udita to think about a hypothetical scenario. Udita says she is they are in mountain valleys, beautiful and serene. Kabir suggests about music, Udita says she can sing and Kabir says he can play guitar. They head to family, Udita says she wants two kids. Kabir says their eyes will be like her, Udita says personality like him. Both smile at each other. Kabir only stares at her, remember his encounters with her as she spoke. Kabir says if she likes. She says she has to do some important task, then she will join him too. Kabir asks where they were, she says mountains. Kabir says this is so filmy. Udita was lost and when Kabir asks if their plan is done, she says she wish.
Anushka checks the list at reception, the guest list had nothing in it. But in employees list Udita’s name was there, belonging to Nepal. Kabir watches a photo under blanket, Udita picks it before him and smiles at the photo saying her brother. Kabir asks Udita why she is taking so much time saying those three magical words. Udita asks him to leave as he must be busy. Kabir reconfirms if she really wants him to leave. She stares, he leaves. Udita says she wish she could tell him what is in his mind.
Kabir comes to Anushka, she was annoyed at him for dating. Kabir says when she will leave the dating matter. Anushka says she got to know something, now how much he knows about her. Kabir says he knows a lot, and thinks he will fell in love in anytime soon. He says she belongs to Punjab and is a loveable person. Anushka says why her friend, belonging to Punjab, took entry in India from Nepal. She shows him all the records she had collected. Anushka tells Kabir that Zubair called his friend assistant yesterday, whose location came out to be 90 square. She asks Kabir that Udita is also present there, does he think she is still innocent. Kabir thinks about Udita for a while. He says she is innocent, Anushka is jealous. He says Udita went to Nepal, it might be for some personal business. He tears the papers, and says if this is the way she wants to work, then don’t. He will find another partner for himself, is that clear? He leaves.

PRECAP: Zubair says in this envelope is the biggest reality of her life, Raw agent Kabir that she is looking for. Udita cries in shock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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