Mastaangi 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

While going to Karan’s house, Anaita was happy and goes to buy bouquet. A vendor asks Ria to buy a good luck charm pendant. She buys it. Anaita also comes and they head towards Karan’s house.
They all celebrate at Karan’s house. Bhabi asks Ria to have a drink, Ria says she has to drive back home. They all dance together. Bhabi says that now, they will all write messages for Karan on his bandage. They all take turns. Bhabi says Karan never got any girl who can teach him meaning of love, but maybe he got one now. Anaita takes her turn. Bhabi asks Ria to write something. Trumpet gives a drink bottle to Karan, Jignesh also holds it and they both share the gift. Anaita says she has a surprise for him, she gives him bouquet, a cap and a T-shirt. Bhabi dislikes. Karan says it seems he should have

stayed in hospital for little longer, Anaita pinches him. Karan asks Ria why she didn’t get him anything, she should have as he saved her life after all. Anaita says Karan is being unnecessarily greedy. Ria says she has something, and takes the lucky charm pendant from her bag. Bhabi appreciates it. She wish Karan that this pendant brings lot of happiness in his life. Anaita appreciates the pendant, then hands it back to Ria and takes Karan to drink.
Jignesh brings drink to girls, Sohani and Vandita fight each other.
Karan and Anaita enjoy in the terrace, Ria watches them from video. Bhabhi and Trumpet murmurs, Bhabhi asks Trumpet what kind of a girl Anaita is. Trumpet says she is cheap… Bhabhi asks about Ria and she says she is caring, loving and organized. Ria comes and asks whom are they talking about. Bhabhi says its about beer. Ria catches them, Bhabhi sends Ria to Karan’s room to get paper’s arranged. Karan watches Ria going towards his room. He points at Ria to come out, Ria denies smiling and moves forward. Anaita watches Karan’s stare at Ria, he says it is nothing.
Inside the room, Ria thinks about Bhabhi’s words for her. Bhabhi had told her that lovers even take a second birth for each other. She thinks about their eye contacts, performances and the times together. She was lost, smiling. Karan comes inside and takes her attention asking where is she lost. She jerks saying nothing. He says sometimes she amazes him, she says the same. Ria says when they first met, they hated each other; but then circumstances changed and he saved her everytime. She says thanks a lot to him. He says if she really wants to do something, she must eat the chips in his hand and accept his friendship. Ria says that she must ask Anaita about it, she doesn’t want Anaita to think that she chose a wrong way to do friendship. Karan says this isn’t an official relation. Ria says she can’t join another relation leaving behind the past one. He says she has just said a daily soap line. She smiles that she watches them with her mama. Karan says that Ria is amazing, she is so caring and loves everyone. Ria says she has a burden on her heart, a guilt that she has hurt someone; she doesn’t know when and why but she did it. This guilt is the reason behind this sorry and thankyou. She looks at him. He says he doesn’t know much but he is sure she can’t hurt anyone not in any of her birth.
Jignesh takes Karan along. Bhabi and Trumpet comes to Ria. Anaita was also coming inside. She hears Trumpet complaining to Bhabi that Ria didn’t accept Karan’s friendship and said she would ask Anaita about it. Bhabi says that Ria likes Karan and Karan also likes her a lot. She says she can’t force them, but whats wrong about being friends. Ria says she needs time as Anaita must not dislike it. Karan is really special for Anaita. Bhabi and Trumpet force Ria to be friends with Karan. Bhabi asks if Ria respects her, Ria says for sure. Bhabi says she will dislike if Ria doesn’t be friend with Karan.

PRECAP: Trumpet and Bhabi brings Ria to Karan, Anaita comes beating the bottle. She says that she wants to confess it in front of everyone that she loves Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Its not going to change anything. Ria and Karan are made for each other. They are made for each other. No one can separate them. Not even that churail anaita.

  2. pls change the character of anaita make her realise that karan is only for ria n not for her. I just really hate anaita for being so jealous. abt ria she should know that karan is made for her n not for anaita its good that she respects her friend n friendship bt sacrificing her love for her cruel friend is a really bad idea so ria pls don’t leave karan…..

  3. Why anaitha sacrifice karan for chudail ria aka udhitha. She was killed Kabeer nd annu.She was coming to between K nd A. I hate ria. It’s not a love.

    1. Cummon JYO the old story showed that kabeer and udita loved each other. It was Zubair who had left poison in Udita’s heart against Kabeer. Except that she was good and sweet. She just wanted revenge of her brother’s death and Anushka or anaita was and is a good friend of kabeer/karan but he never took her as a lover. Then?

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