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Jignesh is at the college saying that he got beat me up a lot, Sohani puts a cushion in his back pocket and says that now you won’t feel any pain. Karan comes and says to them that I don’t see any competition over here and only one thing is new and that is there is a notice for a new boxing coach. Karan says that he has to gift the gold medal to Ria and will give the sword of honor to Bhabi. Anaita arrives with Ria for her painting competition and Karan says that you are the best and they always win. He soon leaves to fill his medical form and everyone wishes her all the best. Ria tells her to focus and only draw what she usually does and nothing else. The competition starts and Anait begins to paint but doesn’t finds a color and sees the painting dry. Karan comes at asks Veer that he needed the

medical form, without looking back he tells him to look in the blue file while Veer is busing reading something. Karan gets a call and he turns back and leaves without Veer seeing his face.
Ria tells Anaita to wait and she’ll do something while Anaita tries to mix the paints but it’s not enough. Ria is looking for the color when she bumps into Veer and explains what is wrong and he helps her with the color by making some. Jignesh asks Sohani to look in her bag while Anaita thinks of destroying the art by throwing color on it. Ria comes and gives her the color on the last moment. The competition ends and Anaita thanks Ria for her help, Ria says that you should be thanking someone else.
The Principal announces that a member has joined our faculty and we will welcome him by him distributing the prizes of this competition. Veer comes in as the guest and Anaita is shocked to see him. Ria says that this was the person who made the paint and Anaita says that it was better if I would have left the painting incomplete and lost. Veer looks at her and then continues to walk and distribute the prizes, Anaita gets the first award and Veer tells her to thank him first before giving her the trophy.
Later Sohani is talking about Veer to Jignesh when Karan comes and asks of what they are talking about. Jignesh explains to Karan to what he has just missed and the guy Ria was impressed by and whom we were stalking which annoys Karan. Sohani says that look at the irony the man she threw the paint on was the person distributing the prizes. Karan says that who is he to distribute prizes and Jignesh says our new faculty coach Veer Singh. Riki comes with Ria and she asks of why everyone is so shocked. Jignesh explains that Karan what Karan just found out and Ria starts barging about Veer, she says that I told you that he is mature, he is a man and why won’t someone be impressed by him. She says that why won’t anyone be impressed by him and I think I should meet him and leaves to do so.
Anaita is standing in an office and Veer is also there, someone comes and congrats her and leaves. Veer says that I thought you showed ego only to me but I think you are like this by birth, she looks at him and tells her not to stare. He says the registrar gave you a certificate and thanked you and you didn’t have the courtesy to thank him. Anaita tells him to keep his judgment and authority to himself and she is not any other girl, and she does what she wants. She tells I don’t listen to anyone else but me. Veer turns around and says that you do of your own that’s why you are like this. Anaita says that what do you mean by that and he says that though I don’t like telling others about them but what I meant about you was that a spoil brat who has no friend and it is all written on your face. Anaita raises her finger and tells him to mind his tongue, Veer says that gratitude is the right attitude and by this nature of yours any of your close friend will leave you very easily.
Anaita says that if you are this smart than you should know that in all relationships there are differences, friendship takes time. Veer says that this means I was right and Anaita says that you are faculty but by your attitude it doesn’t looks like it that you will stick around here for long, as the image you have made in your mind about females students it’s not the same and what do you think of yourself, who are you to pass a judgment. She tries to punch him and he catches her wrist. He says that I think very high of myself and he doesn’t pick fallen things. Anaita tells him to leave her and she drops her on the floor and says that clean all of this up, It’s the admins room not your father’s property.
Jignesh calls Sohani as Jigyasa and asks how she is, Sohani explains of what Jignesh did and blames herself for it. He says that you should meet him at least once and Sohani asks of how’s Poland as Jigyasa’s boyfriend is there. He says that he has to leave for work while Sohani asks for the address and she will meet her there. Jignesh says that he is dead man but says that my shop is very far away but the design she wants she’ll bring it. Sohani says that she has to talk to him and she thinks that her relationship is at stake. He ends the call hearing that he is a phatoo. He comes out and they both see each other holding the phones but without any conversation they leave.
Ria is looking that painting Anaita drew when Karan comes from behind and she says that Anaita has been making this painting for a while and it is spell bounding. Karan comes close and says just like us, Ria is about to walk away and when he stops her and asks if she likes the new coach or was it all to make him feel jealous. Ria says that she said what she feels and Karan says that you love and this is all a drama and puts his hand on the burning candles.

Precap: Karan is hurt and Riki says that what was the need to do all of this, Jignesh says that Euro was talking about Ria and Kara did it for her. Jignesh tells to Ria that we have to stop this and Ria leaves saying that you are right I am bad a lot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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