Mastaangi 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer asks everyone to hurry towards Highway. Ishaan’s men inform him there is nothing in the car. Ishaan tells them to be very vigilent, one of them is an ex-army officer and three are intelligence agents. Karan and Anaita were Raw agents, and Ria is sister of ISI agent, still she has completed her complete training of intelligence in past life. Euro asks how Ishaani knows about this all. Ishaan says it’s a long story, they must focus on finding them right now.
Anaita tells Veer Ishaan won’t be able to follow them here, Veer warns him not to consider the enemy weak ever. Sohani was about to faint due to dehydration. Veer holds her and boost her moral and energy. They reach a stone. Karan and Ria goes to find water and mark the way. Karan spots an injury on Ria’s foot, she asks him to do this

all later as Sohani is unwell. Karan plucks some leaves and rub them over her bruise. He asks her to take care of her, if not for herself then for him. She smiles, they head on.
There Ishaan and men looks around the forest. Euro watches marks on the tree, he recognizes this is Ria’s mark as she did in college trip. Karan and Ria hide themselves behind a tree, one of Ishaan’s men sit to drink water from water. Karan spots the bottle beside him then says he will bring it. Ria doesn’t allow him, but he assures to manage about it. The man had got Karan, but Karan clutched his mouth tightly. Ishaan and Euro head forward in the opposite direction. Karan beats the man with punches, Ria was worried. The man was finally successful in making some noice, but before Ishaan and Euro reach Karan and flee with Ria.
Karan and Ria bring water to Sohani, they tell Veer Ishaan spot them. Veer asks if they have guns, they must not have the orders to shoot. Ishaan reaches, saying it took him 22 years to end this game. Ria tries to speak, Ishaan stops her and says its not a ring in which you will play with Veer’s instruction. Veer introduces himself as Veer Viren Singh, Ishaan laughs at recognizing him from past as well. He demands for the hard disk, and was about to shoot Ria after a countdown will 5. Veer shows up the hard disk and moves towards Ishaan. He kicks some soil up into his eyes and holds his gun, asking others to drop the guns. Karan, Anaita and Jignesh take hold of the guns. Ishaan asks Ria to take this hard disk, he will get them some other time. Ria wasn’t ready to spare him so easily, she would tell his son as well about all his hidden secrets. Ishaan asks Ria to end the game and keep hard disk. Ria says this game would now end with his life only. She wonders if she should call him Ishaan or Zubair. Euro was clueless.

PRECAP: Veer, Ria and Anaita tell Euro about the reality of Zubair, how he brought Udita from Pakistan to destroy Indian innocents.

Update Credit to: Sona

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