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Mastaangi 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan is leaving and sits on his bike and asks Jignesh to get the bike keys and Jignesh says that how many times you will apologize to her. He runs off to get a rickshaw when Trumpet and Jignesh give him a ride in one. On the other hand Ria says to Sohani and Vanessa that he is a good guy but I can’t stay with him for now and I can’t tell why. Karan comes to Ria’s house and apologizes as she comes on the balcony and holds his hears and counts the number of times he’s apologized and gets on his knees asking for forgiveness. Without saying anything Ria’s goes inside and cries. Karan gets up and leaves in despair while Sohani and Vanessa go to comfort Ria.
Trumpet says to Karan that something has changed, you apologizing again and again and running like crazy, you are in love. On the other

hand Ria says that what is happening when Sohani says that you are in love. Karan says I can’t be in love when Jignesh says that when have you done all of this before. Ria also says that she is not in love when Vanessa says that you can argue with but not yourself. Karan walks on says I never thought of this and maybe Jignesh and Trumpet are saying the right thing. Ria is confused as well but thinks of what she did and says I am not like this and asks of what she is to do of that guilt. Karan takes out the pendant that Ria gave to him and puts it back in his pocket while Ria takes a bite of the cake and thanks Karan.
Euro comes out and meets his father who says that your bail has been done and asks him to go home. He asks his father if he has taken revenge from Ria and Singhania says that I will take revenge and in a way that no one will think of messing with my son again.
Karan is at his home when Anaita comes and says that I am here to apologize and says I only wanted to make you my friend and don’t know what I did in the way. She asks Karan if he has forgiven her and he looks away and shouts him saying that I haven’t seen you in days and came here to apologize but you are only thinking about that girl. Karan gives him some flowers and apologizes to her as well and keeps handing flowers which start falling and says that you and me can’t be together. He says I know how much jealous you feel right now but there is difference between you and her and I won’t think of not trusting her again. He apologizes for being his friend and Anaita throws the flowers away and leaves.
Jignesh is sleeping when someone knocks on the door and he goes to open it wondering who came so late. Sohani, Vanessa and Trumpet come to his room and he asks of what happened to Sohani. Trumpet says that Sohani drank a lot and wants to talk to you about something important. Sohani says we are so interested in Ria and Karan’s story for so long and we both know that they love each other but Ria is not admitting it and one should admit it as afterwards you have to suffer a lot. So I have decided to tell you everything today whether you like it or not. She says you want Sohani or Vanessa that’s your call but today I am going to say the truth and that is I don’t love you. Sohani says that the boy who can’t decide with the person he is love with who knows what he’ll say after a commitment. Sohani says that I can’t take the risk and not punish myself. She apologizes for rejecting him and says congratulations on your Vanessa and leaves. Vanessa says to Jignesh that she is mad and asks him if he has decided it and Jignesh says that he is confused as well just like Karan and Ria. Vanessa says that their story is different as the two of them don’t know that they love each other, while you are swinging like a pendulum between us and leaves as well. Jignesh asks God complete Karan’s story so that Karan can help him with his.
Ria is thinking what Sohani said to her that she is love and says that don’t think about it otherwise you’ll grow weak. She takes out her laptop and is about to text Karan while Karan is about to apologize to her but both of them stop thinking of what they are doing. They decide not to send a text and meet in person.

Precap: Ria calls Karan and says that she wants to meet him and he says that I am on my way. Ria asks him that she wants to meet him tomorrow and its about something important and Karan agrees. Singhania is listening to the call and says that this morning will be her last.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wow super excited to see next episode….. I just want karan n ria together n not that anaita b/w them….

  2. Cn any1 tell me whr is sh wri up?

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