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Mastaangi 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The doctor comes to announce that Karan has no internal injury. Bhabi asks if she can meet him. The doctor says due to external shock Karan is conciousless but he is fine. Bhabi thanks Ria and Anaita. Singhania comes to them and says he will pay all the bills for Karan, he is their college student and the accident was because of security lapse. He instructs the principal about taking care of all the expenses.
The doctor comes and tells them all to leave, Anaita firmly says she is staying here. Trumpet tells Jignesh what Anaita did to her but she regrets not having any proof against her. There, Anaita says she is staying with Bhabhi and that is it, she will just be back after changing her dress. Ria says alright, she is here until Anaita returns after changing her clothes. Singhania thinks that

he is sure the three are posing in front of him, but he knows they are the same people. He says well done to Ria for doing this all. Ria says thanks to him. Singhania turns to leave with Euro. He thinks that Ria looks at him just they way Udita used to. Ria says the way this Ishaani Rai Singhania steals looks from her, there is something he is hiding.
Ria comes to Bhabi, Bhabi asks her to sit with her. Ria asks if she wants a tea. Bhabi asks if she is the same Ria, the sweet, caring and loving girl. Ria smiles asking so many compliments. Bhabi says these are all Karan’s words. Ria says she thought he considered her arrogant. Bhabi says this is for the first time Karan appreciated someone outside of his friend’s circle. Bhabi asks Ria if she is single, and confesses that she checked Ria’s status on friendsbook as well. She asks Ria to shake hand with her and she will talk to Karan. Ria doesn’t get it. Bhabi asks them to get into special relation, Karan never thought about someone else before like this. Ria says she can’t think about it, because there is someone who loves Karan more than anyone. Bhabi says she likes Ria and Karan’s couple the most. Ria says she can’t break the love and dream of anyone. Bhabi says in love, the feelings of two people matter only; its not limited by friendship or anything. She says that in love stories, two people even take a second life for each other. Ria says she is right but she can’t break anyone’s trust, she can’t think about in relationship with Karan. Bhabi says everything is fair in love. The nurse comes and asks them to bring medicine and allows them to sit with patient in the ward. Bhabi takes the slip and says she will bring the medicine, Ria must sit with Karan. Ria comes to the ward where Karan was asleep. The nurse tells her to put the ointment thrice a day, and apply it right now as well. Ria thinks about Karan, how he always took pain for her. She sits besides and applies the ointment on his shoulder. He opens his eyes thinking about Trumpet’s words about a connection between them. He looks at Ria, vision was blurred but he has some flashes from his past life. He calls her Udita, she corrects him that she is Ria. He looks on the veiling around.. Ria says the doctor told her to put an ointment. Karan says he felt as if… Bhabi comes inside then with the doctor. The doctor tells Bhabi that he is fine, he must simply get bandage on for a few days. Bhabi asks if they can take him home. The doctor goes to take discharge papers. Karan asks how many time he slept for. Ria says for around two hours. Karan says it seemed as if he slept for two days. Bhabi tells Karan that Singhania also came. Ria goes to tell Anaita, then asks Bhabi if she will drive back home. Bhabi says she will drive now, Karan is fine. Ria was leaving, Bhabi invites them all home. Karan asks if they could find out about the attackers but she says no. Bhabi tells Karan that she finally met Ria, she is a very nice and mature girl in such a small age. Karan only smiles. Bhabi goes to check the doctor.
There, Anaita asks Ria if Karan asked for her. Ria says yes he did. Anaita says she is coming hospital. Ria tells her that Karan got a discharge, and tonight they have a dinner at Karan’s place. Anaita cheers and thinks about arranging a surprise.
Euro tells Singhania in the car that Karan has been discharged. He asks Singhania if he is behind this all. Singhania says he did this for Euro’s revenge, but he now wants him to forget those low class people. Euro thanks him. Euro thanks SInghnia. Singhnia thinks to himself that he only wants Udita to die for his revenge.

PRECAP: Bhabhi asks them all to write messages on Karan’s bandage. She points that the fact that may be Karan has got a girl who can teach him the meaning of love. Anaita presents bouquet to Karan, he asks Ria if she didn’t buy anything for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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