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Mastaangi 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria comes and asks the person if he has seen any girl and the person nods no, Ria says that I can’t see her car and wonders if Euro did something to take revenge and wonders how to find her. She asks the person if he could take the boat and Karan says that taking an empty boat costs a lot Ria agrees to go with him on the boat. Everyone sitting near by is watching the two of them and Jignesh says that Karan has changed a lot. He used to say to me L for lover L for loser and now look at him. Trumpet agrees with him and Sohani says that when you are in love everything changes and Vanessa replies saying that people start seeing flowers at lake side.
The two of them get on the boat but before getting on Ria takes out a spray and sits down in the boat not knowing its Karan. They go out and he stops

the boat in the middle of the lake. Karan gets up and takes of his robe and puts on his jacket while Ria prepares the spray. He picks up his guitar and sings her a birthday song and gives her flowers while she says to herself that you can’t do this as to what you did in the past life. He asks if she would accept them and Ria shouts and says that I told you that we can’t be friends and they start fighting over the keys which fall in the lake. Karan smiles and sits down and Ria shouts for help while Karan replies saying that there is no help.
Sohani and Vanesa come to Ria’s home to decorate her room when her mother asks where Ria is they make an excuse that Ria was bringing me here when she found some other friends and is with them right now. Her mother wonders whom those new friends are? Karan says to Ria that it has been an hour and no one has heard your voice and says that if we are to survive than an angel would come and save us. He offers Ria to drink or eat something when she says that she doesn’t want anything to eat and drink anything and especially doesn’t want to hear any music. Ria says that she just wants to leave, Karan says that some people are so weird they don’t eat anything and don’t let anyone else eat. Ria says that who is stopping you eat what you want, Karan goes to her and says that have you heard anyone eating a birthday cake before cutting. Ria says that this isn’t your plan as I am very angry right now. Karan asks her not to get mad and accept things as they are and she has to cooperate. Ria says that she just wants to leave and Karan says go ahead. She shouts again asking for help and Karan stays quiet and looks away.
Sohani and Vanessa are discussing over how Ria and Karan would be doing when they start arguing over Jignesh again. Sohani calls an RJ while Karan and Ria are checking their phone signals when rain starts and Karan starts singing. Ria says to him that it would be better If you found a way to get out of here rather than singing a song. Karan says that this lake is very deep and I’ve heard that there are crocodiles here so I am not going here. He sits down and turns on the radio and a song requested by Sohani for Ria starts playing.
Ria says to herself that I can’t do this as if I said thanks to you then this distance would end which I have to keep for now and I don’t know for how long. She sits down at the end of the boat and Karan comes and asks her eat again. Ria says she is not eating anything and he opens the box. He looks at her and says that I’ll only eat when you’ll eat it. On the other hand Trumpet and Jignesh are sitting in a car discussing what would be going on right now between Karan and Ria. Trumpet decides to call when Jignesh says that when it’s all sorted out Karan will call us.
Karan looks at Ria who is feeling cold because of the Rain and covers her in his jacket but looks away. Ria offers him a piece of the jacket and Karan says to himself that I know that your anger is not as big as you are trying to show. The rain stops and their boat hits the corner. Ria gets out and says that luckily we hit the shore on the right time and says I have to control myself. Karan wonders why Ria comes so close and goes so far away. She leaves the boat and goes to her car while Karan comes after her with the cake. Ria shouts and says that I don’t want any cake, I need my space as you didn’t listen to me in the boat as well and all you did was misbehave. Karan says enough all you wanted to say is said and puts the cake in the car and says that if you don’t want it then throw it.
Ria comes to her house and says to Sohani that nothing happened and tells her to not to anything like this again. Karan is with Jignesh and Trumpet and says that it was all in vain. Jignesh says that what is wrong with Ria as someone is trying to apologize again and again and she is not accepting it. Sohani says to Ria that Karan is a genuine person and he had no intention behind any of this. Jignesh says that what Karan hasn’t done for the apology. Karan is thinking of what he has done to Ria and says that I’ve hurt her. Sohani tries to calm Ria down and asks her to agree.

Precap: Trumpet goes to Karan and says that something has changed as you come running every time and apologizing again and again this madness. Ria is wondering why this happening to her and Vanessa says that ask yourself you can’t stay from him, you are in love. Trumpet says the same thing to Karan as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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