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Mastaangi 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the college, Sohani wishes Trumpet at once and says she has a present for her. She takes out a ball for her, she says Trumpet is her friend. She says she she has a question for her, whom Jignesh did the rose petal shower for. Trumpet says it was for her, but she couldn’t hold the robe for long and it went on Vandita. There, Vandita sits with Jignesh and asks Jignesh about the rose petal shower. Jignesh says it was for her, for sure.
Anaita covers Trumpet’s mouth with a shawl from behind her and locks her in the washroom. She tells Trumpet that she must never ever take any troubles with Anaita. Anaita flushes Trumpet’s mobile battery and locks the main door of washroom as well.
Vandita thinks that no one ever did for her what Jignesh did. Sohani tells Vandita that she talked to

Trumpet, Jignesh had done the set up for her but by Trumpet’s mistake it went on Vandita. Vandita says she must not trust anything until Jignesh tells her about it. Vandita comes to sit besides Jignesh who gets uncomfortable as he was sitting with Karan. Karan asks her about Anaita and Trumpet. Sohani also comes there and gives his favorite Gujrati food. Vandita gives him a chocolate. Anaita comes there, Ria asks where she was. Anaita says she was taking care of someone. Karan asks if she has seen Trumpet, but Anaita says no she hasn’t.
Jignesh returns the food to Sohani and eats chocolate. Ria goes to attend a call, Anaita tells Jignesh to forget about his dieting as he can’t make body like Karan.
Karan spots Singhania’s men and watches them pointing at each other. Ria told her dad on phone that his face was covered. Karan notices that the men pointed at Ria and gave positive signals to each other. One of them heads towards Ria, opens a file and brings out revolver pointed at Ria. Karan runs behind him. The man tells Ria to put her mobile in it, Karan holds him by face and runs behind him. he follows them through the campus. They flee on the bike but Karan holds one of them behind. The other man calls Singhani and tells him Karan got their man. Karan still followed the man, the girls run towards them.
A car comes speedily and hits Karan on the road. Karan rolls over the car and fell on the road with bleeding head. Ria and Anaita both call his name.
It was Singhania in the car and his man gets in the car with him. The girls come to Karan, Ria asks the people to call ambulance. Jignesh tells the principal in the corridor when Vandita tells them about accident. They hurries outside. Sohani hears the voice of Trumpet who asked for opening the door. She breaks the locks, Trumpet hugs Sohani and asks about Anaita. Sohani tells Trumpet about Karan’s accident.
Singhani tells his man to bring can from the car, and spill it over the car. He lights a matchstick and burns the car. He warns his man that another mistake next time and he would also be burnt with the car.
The police asks Ria if she ever saw the man before. Ria says he came to her at once, he was asking for her phone. She tells police that last night even someone broke into their house, her dad filed a complaint against it. The police asks about any enemity, but she says she is unaware. Ria’s mother comes there, Karan’s sister in law also arrives and asks Jignesh and Trumpet. She cries felling on the chair. She was worried that his brother was also not in the city. Jignesh consoles her and says Karan is fine. Ria comes forward, Jignesh introduces her to Bhabi. Ria tells her that Karan is under observation, God is always with nice people. Jignesh assures them that Karan is fine.
Zubair tells his senior that taking a girl’s finger print in being difficult. His senior tells him that Zubair is getting distracted from his mission, he has worked hard to do his mission. Zubair says what if they get the 21 year old hard disk, it contains the details of all Pakistani handlers, what if they get it and unlocks it. He says he can’t rest until he removes them.
The doctor tells that Karan has no external injuries, but he is out of danger. They are testing for any internal injuries. Trumpet consoles Karan’s bhabi who was crying badly. Ria comes to bhabi and asks her to have water.
Singhania comes to college and says to Principal about his family. He comes to Bhabi and asks how is that student Kabir. Ria is moved by the name. She goes into a flashback. Singhania had corrected the name to Kabir. Ria thinks why he was about to call Karan as Kabir, this is what she had called him once as well. Singhania wonders if she noticed his slip of tongue.

PRECAP: Bhabi tells Ria that Karan likes her a lot and talks about her in the house. She says Karan was never interested in any girls before, love can make anything possible. Ria comes to Karan, he gets a flashback and calls her Udita.

Update Credit to: Sona

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