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Mr.Singhania comes to the college and Ria is also present and are both headind towards the Library. Mr. Singhania enters the room and the Principle tells everyone to leave. The Principle tells Ria to be clam and says and says to Singhania that I am a mediator, Mr.Singhania says that I don’t need any help and can handle my business. He tells Ria to sit down and says that you are one of my favorites students at Steven’s that is why I invited you at the farm house and want to offer you scholarship but what I don’t understand is that why you want to ruin your career at your hands. Now don’t think that I am trying to threaten you or intimidate you, but why do you want to send Euvraj to jail. I understand he mistreated you but you don’t have to worry about any injustice as I’ll punish, he asks her

to take the complaint back as Euvraj is in jail since last night. Ria looks convinced and turns away.
She picks a glass and drops some water on his arm and he stands up and says that what kind of manners are these. Ria says that some water dropped on you and you lost it and you expect me to forgive someone who assaulted me more than once, and the thing about scholarship if I deserve it I’ll get it but I can’t negotiate myself respect.I won’t take my complain back against him as I have forgiven him before but no more and leaves. The Principle is very amazed and Mr.Singhania says that you’ll suffer for this and the Principle says that what could I do Ria is very determined and there is unity in the students.
Ria comes the stairs and everyone is clapping for her saying that what you did was amazing. On the other hand Vanessa calls Trumpet saying it will happen in class. Later everyone is sitting in the lawn and Karan comes dressed up as a teacher and says that we’ll learn something new from chemistry today. He plays a song and everyone starts dancing. For a moment there is a smile on Ria’s face but she says to herself that you are so sweet and why did you have to be so cute. Karan asks her to agree and says that I am fool and brings his forward. Ria thinks that what I did to you in the past can’t be forgotten and shakes his hand away.
Euro’s father’s comes to meet him in prison and he wants to leave and says that this is all Ria’s fault. His father says I’ll get you out of here but asks him to be strong and says that Ria sent me here. His father says that I’ll teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.
Jignesh says that Ria will suffer one day but says that she is also hurt and without apology we can’t expect anything. Karan says that he has to try harder as he has hurt her a lot while Jignesh asks Trumpet to pinch him and then goes to Karan to check if he is Okay. Jignesh says that the person who never asks forgiveness from anyone is actually going to apologize to someone. Karan says not anyone, its Ria. He says that I have changed or maybe I am discovering but whatever it is I have to win Ria’s trust back.
Vanessa asks if he is actually serious and Sohani says that look at the stubborn person is going emotional and Ria has gone so stubborn that she isn’t even forgiving him. Karan says for what he knows that she wasn’t like this before, Jignesh asks of what the plan is and Karan says that he’ll do anything to win her back. Suddenly they hear Trumpet saying Yes.
Trumpet says that for how long you’ve known Ria, Sohani and Vanessa says that for two years. Trumpet asks when Ria’s birthday is and Sohani says that it’s around Holi while Vanessa says that it’s around Diwali. Sohani takes out a laptop from her bag saying that she has all the photos regarding her claim. Trumpet says that there is no need for that as Ria’s birthday is tomorrow.
Ria is standing in her house wishing that she finds that answers quickly and says that only I know how I am staying away from Karan. She says that I hope that you knew as well that this is our second lifetime and how much love was between us. She says that there was something wrong between us and I will find the answer to that. I took your life and hurt your feelings and I know that you still love me but I don’t want to make the same mistakes the again and have to put up the act to hate you.
Her parents come singing her happy birthday and bring her a cake. She takes a selfie with her parents and gets a gift from her mother of a lot of money. Her father gives her a gift as well and it’s an appointment letter to the doctor. She thanks her dad and gets a text from Karan saying Happy Birthday. She is about to reply back but stops. Karan says let’s see for how long you stay away from me.
Ria is searching for the past life while her father is doing her hair. Her mother comes and asks if there would be any problems while Ria says that it’s just some blood pressure checks and all. Her father says that an entire checkup would be done and then the procedure would be started. He then tells Ria to go and enjoy and asks where her friends are as she hasn’t talked about them from a long time. They ask if there is a quarrel between them and Ria says that it’s with Anaita. Her mother says that’s very good as she is not worthy of your friendship. They ask to invite Karan and she says that He is out of town. Her parents are worried as none of her friends are coming and this is for the first time.
Ria gets a call from Sohani who says that she was buying flowers from lake side for her while Ria says that flowers are sold in the market not at the lake side. Sohani says that they are also sold at the lake side and cancels the call saying that my car’s engine has blown and the road is very far from here. Ria gets up and tells her parents that she need to pick up Sohani.
Sohani says to everyone that the plan worked. Later Ria comes and can’t see Sohani anywhere. She goes Karan asking if she has seen Sohani who is dressed up as a fisherman and is looking the other way and says now the game begins.

Precap: Ria is going to sit in her car when Karan comes and says that what about this cake. Ria says that she doesn’t wants any cake only wants her space. Ria says that you didn’t listen to me in the boat as well and only did what you wanted.

Update Credit to: Sona

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